Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fact vs Truth


 A 'lil personal thought-trail today:

Fact: I'm sick
Truth: My God is able & willing to heal me.  I am healed in Jesus' name 

Fact: I am broke
Truth:  My God owns all the heavens and the earth. I am supplied with all my needs 

Fact:  Circumstances around me are just not right
Truth: My God is in control.  I am safe, I loved, I am His 

Today is God's gift to me, therefore it will end good & perfect!

Onward, soldier

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Fish To-Go by Chuck's Grub

Fish & Chips, Foodcourt, Chuck's
Chuck's Grub Fish & Chips

Hallelujah for fish!  With all these chicken feasting lately, I feel I'm going to blurt tiktilaok (coo-coo in English) anytime now.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Modern Filipiniana Inspiration

Filipiana, Baro't Saya, JC Buendia, Danilo Franco
(Left) Full skirts made of silk organdy by Danilo Franco (Right) Feminine blouse in floral/lacey details based on men's formal Barong Tagalog and bias-cut full skirt by JC Buendia

I'm planning for a modern filipiniana inspired-look for a costume party in the office. Instead of the usual terno or baro't saya , I'm hoping to put an edgy contemporary twist into it.    

Tingnan natin hanggang saan kayanin ng fashion-fasyonan powers ko! ;-)