Friday, July 29, 2011

Effortless White Tee

Who doesn't  ♥ white? 

Either in ladies' V-neck or Boyfriend Shirt

"Fox It!" w/ Ray-band Aviator Sunglasses RB3025

 Paired w/ Skirts

Accessorize w/ GLAM
how about black & white?

Or w/ good ol'pants

skinny? flared? boot leg?
love Cameron's energy: be creative! be free! :-)

Mantra today: Be effortlessly beautiful (inside & out!)

Inspired by:  1Peter 3:3-4

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Potato Tornado

Potato Tornado  (P60)
Potato Tornado: Fitting title for a rainy day afternoon

But don't be fooled with this thinly sliced fried potato swirl,

One stick is actually one WHOLE large potato! 

OMG, i know, especially for weight watchers like me...

Nevertheless, it's still fun to nibble! :-)

Available at Greenhills Promenade GF Food Court

For those interested with an automated Spiral Potato Slicer,
found this from

Slice, Swirl, & Fry away! :-)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rainy Day Style Peg: Singing in the Rain! :-)

Photo Source: New York Times "In style"

"I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again"

This is exactly what I want to do, 
Forget about my worries and troubles today
And find solitude and freedom 
as I make the metropolis my center stage!

In style, of course ;-) 

My Rainy Day Style Peg: i inspired

Burberry Double Breasted Metalic Detail Trench Coat
 Steve Madden Tsunami from Bloomingdale's
Shopper handbag by Mango
I ♥ Rain Umbrella by DP

"Lord, it is good to praise you.
Most High God, it is good to make music to honor you.
It is good to sing every morning about your love ♥
It is good to sing every night about how faithful you are"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flaming Wings, still flaming hot!


 Flaming Wings in Kapitunan, Quezon City  is a haven for Katips' students.  
And even after all these years, binabalik-balikan pa din

Rainy days & Payong!

"You can stand under my umbrella
Ella ella eh eh eh
Under my umbrella
Ella ella eh eh eh..."

Monday, July 25, 2011

Some thoughts today: "What fills your cup?"


We can only give what we have,

the question is what do we fill ourselves with?

Is it anything...

true, noble, right, 
pure, lovely, admirable
excellent or praise worthy?

In short,

a cup time w/ God today

hello awesome day!

Inspired by Philippians 4:8

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inspirations from My Chic Sisters

Birthday cupcake picture

These July ladies 
are some of my personal inspirations in fashion, 
words are not enough to describe 
how beautiful and amazing they are
inside and out...

Matching Rule w/ Bags

Wishlist - COACH nude bag

We all know the bag-belt-shoe matching rule from our mommies,
but for my chic cousin, she goes further w/

the PURSE should match the BAG

but it does not end there....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HAPPY LEMON, happy everyday in Manila!

Chris Tiu's Happy Lemon is creating quite a buzz in Manila.   Para "in" tayo, here's a tip on how to drink your Happy Lemon drink with Rock Salt Cheese(RSC) - one of their best sellers:

My chic sis in law Laura sipping Cocoa w/ RSC (P100)

Happy Lemon drinks w/ RSC are best drunk straight up w/out straw (yes, correct yan!).  If you missed the server's instruction (like we did), drinking it from the cup allows you to taste the subtle fusion of the rock salt in cheese froth and tea in your mouth.

So which Happy Lemon RSC drink ROCKS?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

David Archuleta Live in Manila 2011

"There's something 'bout love
That breaks your heart
Whoa oh oh oh
It sets you free"

LSS song from last night!

Borrowing Jenni Epperson's expression - ang "KYOOT!"

The fans simply adore David -
he got away with his 'lil boo-boo
with his pa-cute smile ;-)

Ang tawag dito, dinaan sa charm! ;-)

 I'm glad H enjoyed the concert too - 
caught him singing some of David's songs!

"Tell me why you're so hard to forget
Don't remind me, I'm not over it
Tell me why I can't seem to face the truth
I'm just a little too not over you, not over you"

Brings back ol' emo days per H. (may ganon? lol)

"Elevator goes up,
Elevator goes down
And you just go with the flow,
Until your feet are on the ground..."

Monday, July 18, 2011

It's the right match!

Look what I got this weekend from Vitress :-)


 Vitress Heat Protect - the right match for my daily hair styling

Kaya naman I'm inspired to do my curls today, uber thanks! :-)

Happy Monday means a happy week ahead!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What's in the bag?: "SM Accessories RED SALE @ Cubao"


I can't believe my P50 finds :-)

Dainty floral coin purse.  P50 each :-)

Head bands for any mood! Set of 4 for P50 only

CHUKCHAK (crab clips) for me! Set of 3 for P50

Alin, alin ang naiba? Set of 4 clips for P50 only

And something for H too!

Fold-able umbrella for P50 only.

SM Accessories Red Sale is 'till July 17, 2011 
at SM Cubao, Araneta Center

Friday, July 15, 2011

Transformers 3


(SPOILER ALERT)  Nope, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (a.k.a Carla Spencer in Transformers 3) wasn't wearing stiletto heels the whole time!  If so, I would have rushed to buy a pair - heels like that have super powers, don't you think?  Umm, so how did she change her shoes while running in the battle scene, as in may baon sya? lol!

H & I watched the movie during our date night.  I was about 10 mins late due to EDSA traffic, boohoo.  H said I missed a lot of good stuffs, turned out it includes the ala Victoria Secret scene pala ha.ha. x_X  But kidding aside, we had some good laughs and squeals (at least for me) in the movie.  Even with the simple (slightly loose) plot & a lot of dejavu scenes, it’s still a good watch for us.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is still on the big screen.  By now, the theaters are not as crowded as last week. Happy payday weekend! :-)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top 5 Picks: "Gift Ideas for Sis"

Happy Birthday Hannah Batsykow!

It's my 'lil sister's birthday today so I'm dedicating this post for her - and for those who're still clueless what to give her.  She's actually all grown up now, but she'll always be my baby sis. :-) 

Here are Ate's top 5 gift ideas for Sis, which i'm sure she'll definitely love:

1.  Make up! Make up! Make up!

Sis likes to play w/ her eye shadows. 
You can tell her mood with her eye makeup :-)

2.  Makeup classes

Fab for her sideline/ fall back career
but make sure she'll agree w/ my % commission per booking!

3.  Shopping Spree :-)

For more fab clothes + accessories, a girl can't get enuf right? x_X 
(i'm starting to think this is not a good idea, clean closet muna!)

4.  Bookstore Gift Check  

For Sis' archi & artsy supplies + some organizers/ boxes pls!

5.  Camera

How about a new cam for her OTD & endless self portraits? 
Mmm, but it has to be shock & water proof w/ built-in charger
para di nawawala!

Love you Sis!  Stay pweety!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Beard Papa's Cream Puffs Hangover


Ohh! I can still imagine the creamy vanilla custard oozing out of Beard Papa's crunchy croissant-like shell.  It's absolutely delightful! 

A friend brought a box of these yummy puffs last weekend and I still can't get over it.  I also discovered that it's best served cold.  Tsktsk, this does not suit well with my diet pero isa lang naman diba?! x_X    

Bear Papa's signature cream puff - plain dusted with confectioner sugar is Php 50/piece; while eclair puff - dipped in chocolate, with or without sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, or marble swirls costs Php 55/piece.  A bit pricey kaya hinay-hinay din sa kain. ;-)

So which one is your favorite?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top 5 Picks "Healthy Lunch To-Go"

Since I'm in a 2-month dare of trimming down before our 1st wedding anniv, I compelled myself to eat healthy meals even at work.  It was quite a challenge considering my budget; nevertheless, na-carry ko naman!

Here are my top 5 picks for healthy lunch to-go. Enjoy!


KFC California Maki Twister (P80 ala cart)*


Wow Sulit Sub (P69)

I think there's really no question here + their dressings are superb!

Daily Goolai choices available at Rustan's Fresh  (P150+)

Make your favorite fruit mix, add some cream & jellies, and then weigh it in!

SM Supermarket Fruit Cocktail (P158/kg)

Mix of julienned singkamas & carrots, minced fresh garlic,
crunchy seaweed bits, & crushed peanuts in a soft egg wrapper
Special in egg wrapper (P46)/ Regular (P40)

Would love to hear your suggestions, I still have a couple of weeks to go! :-)

*Not happy with my KFC Twister from KFC Gateway Mall, opted with carton photo for this blog. :-( 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BonChon Buchog!


After so much rave about BonChon (esp'ly from our dearest love ones), H & I gave in and tried their famous BonChon Chicken for our date night at Greenbelt 1.

The restaurant was packed at 730pm even on a Monday.  I was worried not to get a sit inside, but turned out their customer turnover is quite fast.  We were seated immediately after we placed our orders. :-)   I was busy taking pictures while waiting for our food.  Noticed most of their clients came in groups and customer count starts to dwindle down near 8pm.  I wonder if it'll pick up again for the call center crowd?  

BonChon Greenbelt 1

I like the vibrant atmosphere of the store.  Its white pallete makes the space bigger, brighter and cleaner; accentuated with personalized BonChon artsy graphics hanged on the walls. It's also laptop friendly with power outlets scattered along the walls.  (i didn't check if there's wifi though :-/)  Place isn't exactly date-friendly, much more of an upscale-fast food dining but, nevertheless, we came for the chicken!

BonChon Chicken is double fried in veggie oil.  This is why the skin becomes paper thin and extra crispy without flour.    For starters, H & I opted for their combo chicken (half-half wings & drumstrick/ half-half soy garlic & spicy).  Bon Chon's serving size is smaller than expected but it delivered with its paper thin crisp.    I hope they can double glaze the chicken with their secret sauce next time to cover all the parts, nabitin kami doon.  What can we say? The sought after secret sauce is really quite appetizing!

Bon Chon Chicken Combo (med) - P365

Surprisingly Perfect Match
BonChon Chicken + Kimchi Coleslaw (P45/cup)

We can't imagine finishing the spicy flavored chicken, its too hot for us but we both liked the "kick".  H even had extra rice (P15) - ako din, di nakatiis kumain ng kanin lol! I wonder if BonChon will offer unli rice?  I have a feeling this will click! (patok diba?!)  :-)

We finished around 830pm, by then the mall is closed already (I didn't know gb1 closes that early?).  Since we parked in the mall, we did a little walk going back (pampababa din ng kinain). 

Admittedly, there are some areas for improvement but with a winner recipe - how can you go wrong?  So what's our final verdict, BonChon Buchog! :-)

  • Greenbelt 1 (beside The Spa),  Paseo de Roxas cor Legaspi St., Ayala Center, Makati City
  • Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City
  • SM Megamall Building A

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Love Team: "Marvin Agustin & Tupperware"

Tupperware is back in the Philippines or should I say is back in the limelight with Chef Marvin Agustin as their endorser. 

I recently saw their big billboard along EDSA and was very pleased, buhay pa pala ang Tupperware?!   Partnership with Marvin is actually quite refreshing, considering his history with Tupperware and his culinary background – perfect match indeed!

I do miss Chef Marvin’s twice-cooked adobo at CafĂ© Ten Tita’s at Gateway Mall.  We were so fortunate to meet him during the opening, and he even cooked this dish for us to try.  It's been our fav ever since – been trying to copy it at home as well! J

Photo Cerdits to

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL): One Touch. One Perfect Cup.

Spotted the newest craze in coffee town @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Trinoma.

CBTL Machine @ P13,750

H, Kai & I were awestruck how easy CBTL machine works.  As the barista explained, just pop in a capsule and push the button, then tada!  One perfect cup!  No hustle at all.  You don’t even need to open the capsule; the machine will do it for you.  Wow!  CBTL’s team really thought of everything. 

Box of 10 @ P400
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s ingenious machine is a single serve beverage system that makes the same cup of your fav CBTL hot drink.  It uses specially-made vacuum packed capsules of CBTL’s all time favorite beans & leaves, so you’re assured to get the same shots of espresso and brews every time.  For more details, check out 

I’m definitely tagging this in my wish list. ;-)

Disclaimer:   This article is not a paid ad. Can't wait to do my own cup! :-)  Photo credits to CBTL

Friday, July 1, 2011

Someone left a drink for you at The Coffee Bean

Did you also get this email?  Ohh!  IT'S NOT A SPAM. :-)

H & I been receiving this email since last month.  H was doubtful about it since it connects to different http and warned me not to join (oops, i already clicked send).  Last night, we checked with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf if this is a real campaign and showed them my ticket.  To our delight, they confirmed it and told us to claim the free drink in their participating branches. 

Sad news though for H, due to the overwhelming response to the campaign, they temporarily stopped the registration.  Anyway, check for details.