Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hair dilemma: Straight or Curls?

Solution (for ladies who want flexibility to change their minds…  at least for their hair) :

Buy a hair iron!  This is one of the best investments I made for my hair vanity. 
Purchased this ceramic hair iron at Watsons for P1,500 (est)

Partnered w/ Vitress for extra shine and hair protection. 
(more appropriate though is Heat Protect-with Thermo-Shield Complex :-p)

Opted for curls today.  Photo taken >10 hrs after i set my hair! :-)

Ohh! Vanity. :-)


  1. how about with bangs? kapag nag pa straight ka i don't think you can ponytail your hair again for the longest time.

  2. @shopgirl jen: hehehe true :-) di palang ako confident to get some bangs..


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