Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ohh! It’s back to school!

I had this really cool professor in high school who said, "no need to memorize class!  You can always go back to your books, just understand the concepts."  Well, something like that.  Fantastic,  right?!  It worked well for me until I realized, I CAN’T always go back to my books!
What a relief to have these new technologies with us today. From internet to ipads, students are equipped to do better (ehem!) in their studies.  And if they need some answer, they can simply just Google it!  

Some points before you Google away:
  1. Though it’s much more important to understand the concepts, there’s really no escape in memorizing.  (trust me, I've been there!)
  2. There's still virtue in reading those big text books (or ebooks). J
  3. Not all internet data is good information.  Know how to filter!
  4. The web is also filled with clutters and clouded information from misinformed people.  Always cross reference.
  5. No easy path for learning, cut and paste simply won't work (especially in the long run).  
  6. Let’s face it; gadgets like laptops and mobile internet sticks are now becoming a necessity.  If you can, buy (and learn how to use them!).  But don’t forget, your school library also have these so at least use your lib. pass once!
  7. Lastly, your professor ALSO knows how to use Google.  So remember to put those “sources.”

Feel free to share your thoughts (or school memories).
Happy Schooling!

Snapshots during our review sessions before our masteral comprehensive exams.  Thank God we all passed! :-)


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