Wednesday, June 20, 2012

♥LOVE PASTA♥ Stir-fried Spaghetti w/ Kanokwan Holy Basil Sauce

Warning: It's Really Hot

Ever wondered why they called it holy?  It's the chili, I mean, loads of it!

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Inspired by my "grocery" finds at MAFBEX, I whipped up a home-cooked stir-fried pasta for our dinner at home.  My husband was equally delighted to see me cook again, our dinner-out expenses are beginning to take its toll on our budget.  x_x

200g pasta noodles (approx. for 2 people)
Tomato Sauce
Olive oil
Mushrooms (optional)

Easy Steps:
1. Cook the pasta, strain & set aside
New tip:  Per Ms Gaita of Cibo, drain the noodles just before the time set in the packaging.  Don't wash off w/ cold water, as I previously mentioned, to retain the flavor of the noodles.  If you're cooking for a big group/ party, you'll want to keep the pasta water.  It's the best tool when you re-heat the pasta since it has all the flavors in it.
2.  Saute chopped pepperoni in olive oil (I like mine slightly burnt), followed by sliced mushrooms

3.  Toss in the cooked spaghetti noodles, so better make sure you're using a big pan

4.  Mix in a teaspoon or two of Kanokwan Holy Basil Sauce & approx.'ly 1/3 cup of  spaghetti sauce.  You may also add dried basil (optional).

If you prefer a simpler dish, garlic & olive oil w/ Kanokwan Holy Basil Sauce Spaghetti is also good! 
5.  Plate with cheese & a smile ;D

If in case you try this at home, I would love to know how you find it.  Are you more of the garlic or chili flavor kind?


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Again, again, again, goo veggies!
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  1. Yummy! i love anything spicy =)

  2. what a food name... I figured this is heavenly :) dropping by :)

  3. I love pastas and this looks really yummy. I wish I can eat spicy food without having hyperacidity after. :)

    Mommy Maye (

  4. Looks delish! I wanted to try this some time! i love chili flavor:)

  5. Wow! Cannot wait...let it be served immediately...please!

  6. this pasta looks really delicious! I'm curious with the holy basil sauce! :)

  7. This made me drool. I'm not a pasta fan but I'd dig into this anytime. :)

  8. I want that! That's my kind of pasta~!

  9. Thank you for your comments! Tara, lets eat :D


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