Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Freedom Day Pizza Feast

Ready to eat?

FREEdom day indeed! With office work out of the way, H & I were able to accomplish a lot of things we've been setting our minds to do but can't find time to do it.  We checked out a condo unit on sale with Dad & bro this morning, attended our G12 lunch meeting (Tita Zeny's super halo2x special was a winner!), spa date & haircut this afternoon, and then, dinner in our all-time favorite spot - Pizza Hut!  Well, what's a holiday without pizza, right?  At least, in our family. ;)

Pizza Hut, Tuscani, Gourmet BBQ Chicken, 3-Cheese Bacon & Spinach
Pizza Hut Tuscani half & half | Gourmet BBQ Chicken & 3-Cheese Bacon & Spinach

Have you tried Pizza Hut's new Tuscani pizza?  It's a thin crust pizza traditional made that is soft inside and crispy on the outside. H & I ordered a 14" Super Family Sized pizza w/ 2 flavors, Gourmet BBQ Chicken & 3-Cheese Bacon & Spinach.  I loved it!  The BBQ sauce is a refreshing break from the ol' tomato paste sauce, then the 3-cheese is simply a classic favorite.  Hubby also enjoyed the pizza even if it doesn't have the red sauce - yup, he's a traditional pizza kinda guy.

Pizza Hut Tuscani Crust


My first slice!

Ohh, and they also serve Tuscani solo size too!  I think I know what I'll have for lunch one of these days...

Tuscani Singles (P125)

All in all, H & I had a good pizza feast at Pizza Hut Fort Bonifacio.  No need to order any more entree, the super sized pizza is more than enough to satisfy our hungry bellies.  Service was excellent last night as well. :D


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  1. Oh my gosh...I really have to try it right away. I've always been planning to, but my partner is unfortunately not a pizza fan...although my family is! aaarrgghhh Thanks for urging me to do so :)


  2. the photos made me think about having pizza tomorrow. i guess i'd have to do homemade one though, pizza hut here is a bit expensive!

  3. i love pizza but i haven't tried tuscani yet. pwede pala half-half.

  4. Now I know what to order when I meet my friend later. Looks delicious! :-)


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