Thursday, June 27, 2013

♥LOVE PASTA♥ Stir-Fried Chicken Pasta in Hoisin Garlic Sauce

Looks familiar.  Definitely tastes different.

It is stir-fried in a sweet & salty thick pungent paste that sometimes referred to as the Chinese barbeque sauce.  Yes, I have been recently introduced with hoisin sauce.

Hoisin Sauce contains soybean paste, chilies and salt, and a combination of other ingredients for added flavor, such as sugar, vinegar and garlic. This sauce is also used in marinating food, soup flavoring and even as dipping sauce.

Best part, there is no need to do the sauce from scratch as Lee Kum Kee makes it readily available in any major groceries in the metro.  It is placed along those aisles which you normally pay no attention to since most of the items on the shelves are alien to you... When I tried to look for it for the first time, the dicer gave me a weird look and pointed me to a wrong aisle.  Good thing I passed by its shelf on the way to the counter.   Lee Kum Kee's Hoisin Sauce contains water, sugar fermented soybean paste 15% (Water, Salt, Soybean, Wheat), garlic, dried sweet potato, salt, rice vinegar, corn starch, sesame paste, spices, salted chilli pepper.

Now let's cook!  As you know, I have no daily help at home so I'm a big fan of quick and easy meals.  This recipe will only take you approx. 15 minutes excluding prep time.

Stir-Fried Chicken Pasta in Hoisin Garlic Sauce 


Hoisin Sauce - Lee Kum Kee
Garlic - 1 bulb, diced
Pasta - 250g
Chicken - 1/4 kilo beast fillet, chopped to desired size

Easy Steps

1.  Cook the pasta as instructed on the label.  I do not use oil to allow the pasta to absorb all the flavor but I'm generous with my salt.  If you want the pasta al dente, take the noodles out of the water a minute or two earlier than the instructed time.

2.  On a separate pan, stir-fry the chicken with oil. I prefer EVO (extra virgin olive oil) for taste and health reasons.  Once cooked, stir in the minced garlic then the Hoisin Sauce until absorbed by the chicken.  

3.  Now you have 2 options, either on a separate container you drizzle your pasta with EVO and mix 2 tbsp of Hoisin sauce then top it with the cooked chicken & garlic, OR simply fry your cooked noodle directly to your stir-fry pan.  I did the first option for this recipe just to be sure but the second option is ok and much more flavorful.

My verdict.  The sauce made the garlic and chicken pop with flavor. I especially liked the slightly burnt ones which I scrapped off from my tong.  My husband requested to add more garnish next time like peanuts, mince green onions, soy sauce and extra chilli flakes, similar to Charlie Chan of Yellow Cab daw Hala, ganong level?  Sounds interesting.  I wonder if it uses the same main ingredient though.

Downside of LKK Hoisin Sauce, once you open the jar it is best consumed within 2 weeks.  But it's ok, I'm excited to finish our bottle with more Hoisin Recipes!  

Ohhthat! by Tin

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P.s.  Special thanks to Vance of for introducing Hoisin Sauce to me! 
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  1. Why! I've been to a lot of food and recipe thoughts tonight. Nakakagutom na talaga! Just looking at the photos ha... :)

    -Kristine @ A Changed Life

  2. Hmmm... never tried this yet. Asian pasta never appealed to me even at restaurants kasi. I find them too sweet for my taste. But my sister will love this. I'll check out the other recipes you mentioned in case I feel like cooking again.

  3. wow, mukang masarap...i wonder anong lasa ng housin alone?
    and thank you for introducing hoisin sauce to me! def will hunt ths down the grocery store - asian food section!

  4. oy, sarap nito ah, different version of pasta...i think i will cook this one, hmmm as in mamaya i think i saw hoisin sauce in our ref, haha..

  5. oh, that's interesting! the only pasta and garlic pair that i have tried cooking so far is aglio olio. i must try this one, too. looks yum! thanks for sharing. makahanap nga ng hoisin sauce sa grocery bukas. :-)

  6. This looks really good! I haven't tried cooking with Hoisin sauce yet, but I'm looking forward to try your recipe this weekend. I'll add in na rin peanuts and green onions para medyo ala Charlie Chan ng Yellow Cab :D Anyway, thanks for sharing this recipe sis!

  7. at least now I know that I can cook pasta using other stuff. I only know how to cook pasta using tomato sauce and cream :D

  8. I can't even cook a nice pasta. I want to practice those that are very health-friendly. Yours looks delish!

  9. Yes, yes, yes! I'm more of a chicken person...and with pasta, I cannot say no...yummy!

  10. Oi, is it any good? Would love to try this out. :)

  11. me also, i'm excited to cook this...looks really masarap with peanuts

  12. Wow looks tasty. I like pasta very much and this is the first time I saw this pasta recipe with this haosin sauce. I'll try this one.

  13. parang charlie chan, I love hoisin sauce! it really has a distinct flavor. This looks very yummy! thanks for sharing.


  14. thanks for sharing your recipe. i would like to try this too! :)


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