Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fresh Start in Bacolod

If there is one reason why people visit Bacolod, it's because of the FOOD.

And so it is.  One of the highlights of my 1-day visit to Bacolod with my favorite local chef & foodie, Ms Gaita Fores was meeting Mr. Ramon Uy, owner of Fresh Start Organics eco-enterprise.   He toured us in one of his organic farms then capped of our visit on his store.

Fresh Start Organics is a privately owned company which had it's beginnings to organic fertilizers production.  Now, the business expanded not only providing certified organic fertilizers, but also fresh organic produce and processed products such as natural personal care items, wine, preserves, and cheese.  These products are showcased in Fresh Start Organic & Natural Store.

All the products in the stores are definitely fresh and brought straight to the stores after they're harvested.  The organic food stores aim to provide consumers with readily-available fresh, healthy & chemical-free food and serve as a tool to increase awareness on the benefits of organic farming.  The stores also act as a way to encourage & strengthen ties with other committed, passionate organic farmers.  Their strong network of farmers/ organic growers allows them to offer an even larger selection of produce to the market at competitive prices.  

Aside from fresh organic produce, the Fresh Start stores also support and encourage other local food entrepreneurs who use organic, healthy ingredients – those free from artificial additives, preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, hydrogenated fats – and feature those products in Healthy Pantry section of the stores.

I must say, if you are looking for something different and has a tatak Bacolod for your pasalubongs, you must include Fresh Start organic food store in your itinerary.  They have almost anything there that spells O-R-G-A-N-I-C.  The shop is a mini-grocery with cafe that has a Rustans Fresh / M&S feel into it because of it's store interior and product packaging.

To name a few products on its Healthy Pantry are organic & natural local beer, preserves, sweeteners, rice, coffee, cacao, beauty & home products.  If it wasn't because of my baggage limit, nagshopping na sana ako

All-Natural Massage Oils

I bought a peppermint & basil massage oil which undoubtedly my husband enjoys.  The soothing warmth of the virgin oil and it's relaxing scent make our spa time now at home a pure bliss!

Honey w/ honeycomb.  You can't get more natural than that!

I also brought home this honey harvested from Mr. Uy's home.  I can't wait to cook/ fix something with this honey-baby.  Fruit shakes, honey lemon chicken, honey glazed spam... ano pa?!

Before we left for our flight, Mr. Uy had us sample some of their all-organic food.  Can you guess what this veggie clubhouse sandwich is made of?

Banana Blossom Burger Patties (a.k.a Puso ng Saging).  I didn't expect it!  It was the first time I heard of it.  Galing!  It surprisingly tastes good too.

Then, we had some cassava chips (if I remember it right) topped with chopped tomatoes, cheese and relish - all organic, of course.

I also took a bite of this really yummy, filling carrot & squash cupcake, which I wish I was able to bring home.  And a glass of healthy malunggay & pineapple shake, that I'm excited to replicate as soon as I replenish my groceries.

Have an organic cupcake too!

Malunggay w/ A Tropical Twist

Golly, I wish Fresh Start has an outlet here in Manila.  But good to know that some (if not all) of its organic produce are in Ms. Gaita's restaurants.  And for those in Bacolod, Fresh Start will be opening their second branch in Ayala Mall soon so watch out for it.

On a side note, it is a pleasure to work with and/ meet vibrant and passionate Filipinos who are determined to create positive change anyway they can and in whatever industry they are in.  Makes one feel proud of being one, diba?

For more info on Fresh Start, visit www.freshstartorganic.com.  Fresh Start Organic & Natural store is located at Robinsons Place Central Citywalk.

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  1. Ahhh.. I wanna try the banana blossom burger. It looks really appetizing. The first time I had one was over 15 years ago. My teacher in HE made some. Yum!

  2. love stores that offer organic and healthy choices. for a health buff like me, important to sakin :)

  3. It is nice to know that the number of organic products/stores are increasing here in the Philippines. I just hope that the price is also reasonable so general consumers can afford the products.

  4. oh, this is really nice, i like everything organic
    the food in the resto looks awesome, i like to try that cassava chips, mukhang ang lutong...sarap!

  5. It just so bad that organic produce are steep. Sana we have healthy options at a healthy prices din.

  6. i hope they open a store in cebu. it's scary what ingredients are mixed with our food these days that you can only trust such stores that sell everything organic.

  7. Organic Cupcake and Banana Blossom Burger Patties for the win! I wanna taste em! mukang yummmy talaga. :)

  8. Cassava chips is getting very famous these days pero syempre what you had was the best, organic kasi :)

  9. very nice! my mom is from bacolod but i've never been there in my whole life hehe. I love organic foods too though it is expensive here in the country where i live. Still trying to get more organic hehe

  10. Oh my, that honeycomb looks divine! :)

  11. That's an interesting place! I want to go to Bacolod one day. Mahal ba ang airfare? I also hope that organic products are not that expensive so everyone could be healthy and that the big companies selling preserved goods could be bumped out. Wishful thinking...

  12. Parang this is the food that is right for me. Healthy! Do they have store here in Manila?

  13. This something wouldn't missed when traveling Bacolod, I love the idea of organic food.:)

  14. I missed this when I went home! Thanks for sharing. I have to try the malunggay shake on my next homecoming.

  15. i want to visit this place.. because im starting to live healthy i think it's time to patronize organic goods..

  16. i also like organic goods, my top priority in buying food
    sarap ng foods

  17. we usually cook banana blossom in the coconut milk, it taste good.. anyway the foods looks yummy..

  18. good to see more organic shops sprouting up.. There are organic shops here but the foods sold in them are very expensive and beyond my budget.

  19. now, I know where to stop by when I visit Bacolod back. =) Thanks!

  20. I love banana blossoms. I will like that burger. I hope I remember to visit this place If one day I visit bacolod.

  21. Wow! It's so nice that there's a healthy food destination in Bacolod. I haven't been in Bacolod for years, but when we visit some time soon, I'll definitely check Fresh Start out :)


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