Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Project Tardis For The Study Room

Tardi Blus, Doctor Who, Pillow, Merchandise

Forgive my esoteric post, but this home project is something my husband & I are ecstatic about.  Watch out, my geeky side is about to be exposed.  ;-)

The TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) is a time machine and spacecraft in the British science fiction television program Doctor Who.  Being married to a sci-fi enthusiast, he discovered Doctor Who through Big Bang Theory's Sheldon.  Hahaha.  I know.  My husband is that attentive.  Anyway, Matt Smith, the Eleventh Doctor of Doctor Who, brilliantly plays his character.  His wits and innate charming looks got me hooked on the series.  Too bad it's his last year playing the part - big sigh.  
Back to the project.  As you know we recently moved into my parents' old place.  It's a real house this time, with rooms and rooms and a huge outdoor space.  It is quite big for us now so we are doing one room interior at a time.  Our bedroom is still in the works, I'll share more of that later.  And for our office/ study room, I thought of having a Doctor Who touch in it since my husband and I will be sharing the space.  The idea is to have a fun comfortable space that will allow us (& our guests) to let our creative side out yet functional at the same time to accomplish some serious business.  Crossing my fingers!

First stop is a Tardis blue sofa with DW inspired throw pillows.  Either I find a velvet blue upholstered cushions or I will have one of our old sofas re-upholstered for this.  A must in our project list since it will be the center of the room.

Tardi Blue, Doctor Who, Sofa

Then, a center table that is big enough for our craft projects and meet-eating.   Nicely paired with an off-white rag and perhaps a DW Tea Set?  

Tardi Blue, Doctor Who, Ceramic

Doctor Who Tea Set, Angel

Good thing our walls are painted white.  It will be easy to hang up nice framed posters and pictures such as these... 

And ohh, don't forget the clock!   Now, where on earth will I find this?  I might commission my sister to make me a replica or something.   Bold pieces like these on the wall will seal the deal for sure. 

I hope everything will come together as planned as most of these will be handcrafted by us.  One piece at a time.  No pressure.  No pressure.  Time is relative.  Hahaha.


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  1. OOh. This got me curious about the series! Will try watching it. :) And great peg images for your study! :)

  2. I'll be watching out for the outcome on this project, The clock look so great and interesting:)

  3. cute! vintage-y and classic items are so beautiful and timeless. elegant ang dating :)

  4. Ohh.. that, that and that! OMG I love the pieces featured here! I love the tea cups!

    I hope the home redesign will turn out great! Keep us posted!

  5. I've heard a lot of good things about Doctor Who pero hindi ko pa rin napapanood kahit isang episode! hehe. The design peg looks good, share your in-progress photos ha :)


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