Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Panalo! : Our Father's Day Story 2013

Yup, that's my sister's account on how we wrapped up Father's Day.  Major laugh trip! :)

Our Poging Papa & Our Kwelang Ama (Lolo)

We celebrated Father's Day a day earlier since most of us are not available on Sunday.  The idea sounded ok and we were able to avoid the Sunday crowd.  We returned to Yang Chow, Marcos Highway since it's Dad's favorite, according to my brother.  I think my Dad occasionally goes there secretly with my brother to eat chicken feet.  x_x  Anyway, we are pleased how the service improved.  The manager (yes, the same guy we had issues with) remembered us and accommodated us nicely this time.  The food was tasty though serving portions are really small, nakakabitin, that we had to make another round of orders and add about 10 sets of dim sum quick serve to feed our hungry family.

The next day (Sunday), I joined my husband and in-laws for Father's Day at Eastwood.   I felt bad for not spending much time with my Dad on his day so called him up to see how he was doing.  After learning that my siblings are still out of the house except our bunso, Hannah, I decided to surprise him with a little treat.  I headed to the nearest Pizza Hut store and had them deliver 2 boxes of pizza with a note, "Love you Dad!"  Little did I know that my impromptu gesture created such a comical commotion at home!  Hahaha.  We all had our good laugh that night!

How was your Father's Day celebration?  I hope the rain didn't stop you from making it extra special. 


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  1. Nice idea yun delivery for Father's Day. :)

  2. My husband works overseas, so we celebrated Fathers Day via Skype, haha. :D

    1. Good thing we have skype/ viber now a days. Grabe noon, I remember writing snail mail letters to my dad on occasions like this and long distance calls are really expensive.


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