Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Courageous. Honor Begins At Home

COURAGEOUS.  A movie about 5 dads (4 of which are police officers) discovering the real value of their role and their quest of taking up the responsibility of becoming 'the Dad' that God calls them to be -- not just "good enough" fathers to their children.  

I heard about this movie in church when the Dads had a Father's Afternoon thing.  They weren't joking when they said they cried buckets while watching it.  This movie was good.  Very touching.  And thought-provoking.  It was very well made, directed by Alex Kendrick, produced by Sherwood Pictures and was released to theaters on September 30, 2011. It is the fourth film by Sherwood Pictures, the creators of Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof. Filming in Albany, Georgia concluded in June 2010. The film was marketed by Sony's Provident Films, which also marketed their previous films.  According to wiki, the film was produced with $2 million budget, but on its grossed $2 million in pre-sales alone and $9.1 million total for the weekend. The film opened to mixed reviews from critics, but a rare A+ CinemaScore rating from filmgoers.  I should have taken the hint to watch it behind closed doors with tons of tissue rolls!

The movie had me thinking back how my relationship with my dad molded me as I grew up and how God intervened in the process...  How there is a need for forgiveness and gratitude in everything that happened to move on... And how parents have a crucial role for the next generation. Such a powerful movie.  I hope all the "real men" out there view it.

My favorite parts on the movie... hay naku bawal ng umiyak.

"Dance with me Daddy" - Emily

You are beautiful, I love you, and you deserve the best.
Will you trust Daddy to find the best for you? - Nathan (paraphrased)

"Part of being a man is about taking responsibility. Any fool can have a child... Let me break it to you this way, you are guilty. Listen, one day you, me, and every one of us are gonna have to stand before God, and he's gonna do what good judges do."  Nathan

"I don't feel like I've started well, but I want to finish well. What I want for you is that you seek the Lord. That you trust Him, even if it means you're standing alone." Adam

Hope you are enjoying your "rainy" holiday.  


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  1. I love this movie! very inspiring. ALL men should see this and learn from this movie. Being the leader of the family takes a lot of courage.

  2. Awww... what a touching movie! I want to watch the rest of it ; )



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