Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are You A Foodie?


"You're a foodie, right?" Mike tells Rachel, then explains "because you're the only person I've ever seen who order shrimp, red pepper, and goat cheese pizza." - Mike Ross in Suits (TV Series) Season 1 Episode 3 "Inside Track" of USA Network
So what makes one a foodie? What are the signs you're definitely (or a border-line) foodie?  

I saw an interesting list from Irvin Lin of www.eatthelove.com, enumerating what a foodie blogger is like.  I've hand-picked some foodie traits which are hilariously true & I can personally relate to... 
1.  When dining out, no one is allowed to eat the food until you have whipped out your camera/iPhone/Android and taken a shot of it first.  

"Stop!  Shoot first then pray before meal."

2.  You actually style the plate you are photographing at the restaurant first, before said photo is taken.

Remember this?

3.  You scope out restaurant tables at lunch with proximity to windows to provide natural lighting for your photographs.

Perfect lighting. Perfect angle. Check!

4.  You own a ridiculous large number of plates with different designs on them. Not sets. Just individual plates. (So true!  If other people get shoe-gasm, I get plate-gasm!  Plato-platuhan madness x_X)

5. You actually own cloth napkins. You realize that no one ever use cloth napkins right? (Guilty!)

Via Instagram "Black & White"

6.  You have run out of room for your cookbooks. Yet you still buy more. (Ohh dear..)

7.  You get super crazy excited when you meet a famous cookbook author, chef or food blogger that you admire, and when you try to tell the story to your non-food blogging friends with a “You won’t believe who I just met!!!” intro, they give you a blank look and don’t have a clue who you are talking about.  (I can relate)

8. You own chickens. Or you wish you owned chickens. (Lol so true!)

9.  You now describing food as “bright” or “intense” and reserve the words “delicious” and “yummy” to describe articles of clothing or up-and-coming actors.  (Border-lining to this..)

10.  When you eat out and order a dish that surprises you, instead of enjoying it, you start mentally analyzing it and trying to figure out if you can reverse engineer it at home.

11.  You own more than one cake stand. Actually you own more than five cake stands. (I own 2)

12.  You desperately need to put a blog post up because it’s a Monday and “all your readers” expect you to publish a post on Monday, but you don’t have one ready, so you resort to a silly filler blog post, like “You know you’re a food blogger if…”  (Or Are You A Foodie? It's been more than a week now since my last post, the thought of it kept nagging me to post something - anything!)

Judging from the list, I am a foodie!  A food enthusiast to be exact.   To add one on the list, I quote another line in Suits - Rachel pointed out to Mike, "Being a foodie doesn't mean only liking fancy food, it's having the courage to try it."  

So, are you a foodie?

Ohhthat! by Tin

P.S.  Definitely hooked on Suits (TV Series) now on its 2nd season!  [Spoiler alert] I wish Rachel & Mike end up together...no more lies holding them back.
P.S.S.  Read Irvin's complete article, "You know you're a food blogger if", here 
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  1. ha, ha! pretty stiff... reading your list i think i'm far of being a foodie...but i love to eat and cook

  2. Oh God! I love Harvey Specter... and yes, I own a cabinet of plates and napkins and kitchen towels.....

  3. I think I'm just your regular diner hehehe...I started a food blog before but after 3 posts, I realize I'm not cut out for that because I don't cook nor dine out that much....the blog well, it's sitting somewhere in blogosphere for quite sometime...drifting to oblivion.

  4. oh my...i just discovered i'm a foodie! lol! no wonder my husband always give me an exasperated look whenever we eat out and halt him from diving in without taking pictures first.

  5. hahaha.. this is interesting.. hmmm I do take photos of the foods before eating them sometimes.. lol..

  6. tough list! I love eating (who doesn't) but I'm far from being foodie!

  7. I thought I was a foodie but when I read you post, I fell short. :D

  8. Haha. Nice info about being a foodie. I think the first one is a big sign of it. Picture first before eating no matter how hungry you are.

  9. Nice list! I think I'm almost there like pretty halway. I presume I'm a 70% of it. hahaha!

  10. Maybe I'm a sprouting foodie. Kulang pa. Kakareerin ko pa ng konti :)

    Fun list!

  11. I have a food blog but am very far from being a foodie. I eat then halfway thru remember that I have a foodblog and should have taken a photo first. LOL! I think I better stick to my mom blog. :D

  12. I guess I would fall into the borderline foodie category. I have a few of the traits.

  13. Hanggang taking a photo lang ako before eating. haha! xD And maybe sharing a thing or two about the food. Haha

  14. I'm not a foodie, then but I appreciate good food. I also love unique white plates and I wish I own a cake stand.:)

  15. i hope one day technology can find its way to grab the food that we can see on the monitor. hahaha

  16. I thought the list is just normal - something you'll expect or it comes naturally from a foodie. Either way, since its an informal term for a food and drink enthusiast - we're free to define it as we see it fit. No pressure. ;)

    @aby: Uyy, i like that too! GRAAAAAB!

  17. i don't really like to cook but i love to eat.i am a foodie in a sense that I love to eat and enjoy eating.

  18. out of the 12, i got 9. uhm. i don't know what to say. guilty as charged :D

  19. hehe.. now i know i'm not a foodie though i do some of those like taking pictures but i fail on them. i can't make them look appetizing. hehe..

  20. 5 out of 12~ haha I'm not a foodie then XD

    I love to eat but I'm not going to be a good food blogger. I just can't describe the taste other than "it's delicious!". And I could be biased. I have a specific taste that I like. har har <3

  21. Hmm... perhaps the picture thing is innate to most of the foodies because we don't want to let that taste get munch without the remembrance of how it looks like.

  22. Maybe i can be a foodie bec. as what "Rachel pointed out to Mike - a foodie doesn't mean only liking fancy food, it's having the courage to try it."

    I do have the courage to eat anything to feed my curiosity:)

  23. I'm 9 out of 12! haha.. :D But I think my "dreaming of food" can be added up to score a bonus point.. XD

  24. dreaming of food, ooh i guess everything i think of something my stomach also thinks. he he he

  25. I sense that you're a definitely a foodie by looking at #12 ehe :D I'm #s 1, 2, 3 and 10. Do I need to be all of those in your list? :) late visit from BC Bloggers. Thanks!


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