Monday, July 9, 2012

When Science Meets Kitchen...

Science Lab:  Science Gadgets Invade the Kitchen at the Mind Museum, Taguig City

Ka-Boom! Explosion.

Mother na mother ang dating! Me & my babies at the Mind Museum Taguig

Last summer, I brought my chikitings (baby sister & cousins) to The Mind Museum for some bonding time.  Being the eldest among the cousins on my Dad's side, I'm THE Ate in the clan.  Now that my chiklets are all grown up, I try to spend as much time as I can with them before they fly off.   (And yes, I expect them to give the same love to their future pamangkins! Naks.


We attended a Food + Science Symposium led by Ms Gaita Fores, the owner of Cibo, Cafe Bola & Pepato.  I think among the 4 of us, I'm the giddiest in that afternoon's fun fare!  Visit to the newest and most innovative museum in the country + an up close cooking demo with one of my favorite cook & entrepreneur = a total package of fun for me!

So how did we exploded anyway?

Science Comes Alive at The Mind Museum, Taguig

Well, a box of wires short-circuited & flamed up in the event hall before the event started.  But kidding aside, the explosion is yet to occur.  The minor incident in the event hall outside the museum led us to transfer inside the museum proper.  Wherein, we briefly saw the exhibits while we were ushered to the 2nd floor Main Auditorium.  

Ohh, this time I can't hardly contain my excitement!  We're inside!!!

Spotted a young summer intern leading a pack of museum goers.  So cute!!!
The Mind Museum Auditorium Sponsored by Tan Yan Kee Foundation

Before the cooking demo started, Ms Gaita explained the concept of the symposium.   During the cooking demo, Mind Mover Experts from The Mind Museum explain the concepts/ principles behind it (e.g. why the color changes, the need for something, why it is so, etc..).  

Ms. Gaita Fores

Ms Gaita, a self-confessed cook, with professional Chefs to assist her during the demo

Mind Movers in the crowd to answer some queries

Marco Araneta, Ms Gaita's nephew (if I remember it right) & one of the in-house scientists in The Mind Museum

Now, for the cooking demo, Ms Gaita showed us the changing colors of brewed kamote leaves when kalamansi juice is added; how to make Red Beet Gelato; how to properly cook pasta - Italian way with her famous Mac & Cheese; and the use of sous -vide.

Kamote Leaves Tea w/ Kalamansi  (a homemade pH indicator)

Red Beet Gelato w/ Kesong Puti Crumble

Baked Mac & Cheese w/ Bacon Cream Froth

Sous Vide of Organic Summer Vegetables

Junior Master Chef Kyle Imao with host  Mitzi Borromeo, coordinator of CafĂ© Scientifique for the Philippines

Ms Gaita Fores w/ my chiklets

As The Mind Museum curator Maribel Garcia said, "what's science without explosion?", the experience that afternoon was indeed a big bang!  We saw The Mind Museum, witness a cooking demo of Ms. Gaita Fores, sampled all the food presented, and we all got free all-day passes in the museum on our next visit - which we used last Saturday, more on that next time!

For those interested, you can view the recipes here.

Have a great week ahead!

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  1. Wow! This is so nice, where is it in Taguig? I want to go here too! :)

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  3. oh wow. oh wow. i'd love to visit this place. does this museum run for a specific period.

  4. Wow is there such a flace in Taguig? Awesome!

  5. i cant wait to go there too!!! iv seen the Science Discovery space in MOA and i enjoyed it... im pretty sure the Mind Museum will be more exciting!

    by the way, what's the green stuff in the baked mac??? :D

  6. Oh oh oh, this looks nice! how much do they charge to go in? What about young kids, are they allowed to go in, too?

  7. I wish to visit the mind museum once again. :)

  8. I think I have to go here with my husband and I hope I can bring along my little son if he's allowed to go in. Thanks for sharing this great place.

    Mommy Maye (

  9. Nothing beats close family ties :)

    This is a fun way of bonding with your cousins and doing things together. It was a great adventure, I'm sure :D

  10. Can kids as young as 7 appreciate this? I would love to go with my kids!

  11. Waaah ang saya hope one day I can go with this kind of event.

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