Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rainy-Day Must Have

Rainy season is officially here! Either we're school or office bound, here are some rainy day essentials to keep us protected and comfortable.

Wet Black & Red

Sun on A Rainy Day

  1. Umbrella/s - Preferably, keep a giant-sized in the car; a mini foldable in your purse; & mid-sized cane-like for spare either in the office, car, & at home.  There are loads of design to choose from, but a black umbrella is a must.  It's like having a classic black dress, plus it gives extra coverage against sunlight on summer.  Cheap foldable umbrellas are usually disposable given the strong wind we normally have here, so better invest on a sturdy one.
  2. Jacket - Time to bring out those cover-ups, blazers & coats! Just make sure it is thick enough for your need & has sufficient insulation. Again, I keep a black one to match all my wardrobe.
  3. Rainy-day shoes - Rubber boots are ideal.  Plastic/ rubber/ gelly flats will do if you can't sport a pair of boots (like me), just make sure it has extra grip. I'm sure many of you can relate w/ the hassle of walking with wet feet & getting those leather shoes wet.
  4. Toiletries - Tissue, wet ones, & alcohol/ hand sanitizer to dry & disinfectant; while lip balm & lotion to keep us moisturized.
  5. Extra wears - Keep a spare of top, socks/ stockings, and even undies in the car/ office for unforeseen events. Ohh, I'm sure some of you knows how vital this is...
  6. Gadgets - Mobile phone with charged batteries for emergency calls, weather & traffic updates, and news feed.  A handy flashlight & car battery charger are smart to keep too especially with our common threat of brownouts.
  7. Nibbles - A bag of peanuts and a bottle of water are life-savers in situations you're stuck in traffic because of the bad weather & flood.
Hope you find this handy.  Feel free to add on the list, "what's your rainy day must haves?"


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