Friday, July 13, 2012

Basic Sewing Stitches A Girl Should Know

One of the valuable life-skills I learned in school is hand-sewing.  Now that I'm married, I fully appreciated the value of it since there's no more nanny or my lola to run to for occasional button replacements or hem repairs.  

My husband first learned I can sew when his pants got a small tear.  I remember, we were newly married then, and on our way home.  He was panicking in the car after he realized all his office slacks are in the laundry & he has nothing to wear the next day.   I calmed him down and told him I can do a temporary repair for the meantime. We headed to seven-11 to buy a small sewing kit (yes, they do have one), and the rest was history.  My husband was so amazed, he bought me a whole sewing kit & thread supplies after that. Ang galing-galing daw ng wife nya!  Lol

Basic sewing stitches that come very handy to me are the running stitch, back stitch, whip & tie the knot.  

For more info or illustrated how-to do basic stitches by hand, visit

P.s.s. Ohh, now I wish I also paid attention during the sewing machine lectures.  Imagine the diy projects & clothes I can make or re-do?  Well, it's never too late to learn!

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  1. Thanks. I know those stitches. Thank you, grade school home economics!

  2. Thank you for teaching me about stitches. so easy to apply.. thank you so much.

  3. I sew by handrips & missing buttons of my & my husband's clothes all the time. It has a calming effect on me as I get to focus on the task at hand by working on it slowly and carefully.

  4. I do repair sewing, too! And yes, 7-11 does sell an emergency sewing kit! :D This is when you come to think that homeroom classes during elementary is important! :D

  5. Best for me yung backstitch. And yung hemming stitch.

  6. hay, wish ko rin natuto akong gumamit ng sewing machine :)

  7. Fortunately, I know how to do those stitches! :D I actually got addicted to stitching when I was in grade school that I'd make my dolls hand-stitched dresses.. ^^


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