Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Bag & A Bag

Longchamp It Bag Horizontal Tote

Ever wondered why women bring 2 bags (or more), while men (in general) steer clear on bringing one?

Katsya Bagella

Some call it the shopper's bag, the utility bag, or simply the second bag.  Whatever you call it, the second bag contains all the essentials we can't simply leave our house without, but does not necessarily need all the time. We just find security of having it ready just incase.

Nautical Bagella

For me, the main bag contains my basic essentials e.g. wallet, phones, and pen; while the second bag has the makeup kit, travel pack toiletries & medicine kit, check book, cables & chargers, reading materials, sometimes a pair of flat shoes, baon, etc. - in short,  it's my ngarag bagella!

What I look for in a utility bag is its durability & usability.  It has to be spacious, tote type in woven canvas for sturdiness, & in neutral color.  Unlike the pictures above, I honestly just settle for giveaway totes or freebie shoppers' bag for my second hand-carry due to the nature of its use.  Plus, I don't have the heart to leave a high-price tagged bag anywhere especially on the floor, in fear of attracting snatchers or kleptos. x_X

Anyway, I guess it is safe to say that most women carry a second bag for practicality's sake.  Besides, we don't want too ruin our nice bags with all our abubots, right?

Ohhthat! by Tin

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  1. wow, you hit it right.
    my hubby hate bringing/holding anything yet i ended up having a bigger bag sometimes :P
    like you said, we cant leave our essentials even if we wont use it all the time, we just need security.

  2. I agree.
    2nd bag is a must.
    And some things are just hard to understand for men. lol.

  3. my husband always asks me that, LOL. He said he couldn't understand why I always have to bring 2 bags when my things will surely fit into one bag. And he said he noticed that I don't even use the contents of my 2nd bag, hahaha! I always tell him that it's just my "security blanket" :-)

  4. especially on a long trip, i always bring a second bag just in case of pasalubongs..

  5. I don`t bring big bags. I prefer small sling or body bag. Unless if I there is a necessary for me to bring lots of stuffs.

    BTW, those tote in the picture are so beautiful.

  6. I bring along with me a second bag too, inside is my baon for lunch.. lol..

  7. I don't bring a second bag but the bag I do carry has not only the essentials but what things that I MIGHT need at work or anywhere else. I like being prepared for everything, I guess. That's why my bag is sooooo heavy, people always ask if I'm carrying my house to work LOL.

    My husband is also not averse to bringing a bag because he has a lot of stuff to carry from work to school. But if you compare our bags, his is much, much lighter.

  8. I bring only one bag but that has everything I might need during the day. Sometimes if I bring lunch to work, I borrow my kid's lunch box :)

  9. i only bring one huge bag, everything i need are there haha

  10. Occasionally, I bring a second bag, but I prefer one big bag.

  11. OMG, I'm like gushing, yes, yes! True that. I never leave the house without my second bag! But I'm also considering buying a large tote bag, yung kasya na ang buong bahay, as they say. :D

  12. cute bags! i like the katsya bagella :)


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