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The Pink Museum And More

Villa Escudero, AERA Memorial Museum

The AERA Memorial Museum in Villa Escudero showcases a diverse collection of travel memorabilia, religious art, hunting trophies, weaponry, costumes, paintings and many more items reflecting the wide-interest of the Escudero Family. 

After the long holiday, I finally had some breathing room to write.  I really enjoyed reading my co-BC Bloggers' comments on my first post on Villa Escudero :  Breathtaking Man-Made Lake at Villa Escudero.  Actually, patikim lang talaga yun.  To answer some of their queries, eto na ang final piece. Lol

Our day tour includes welcome drinks, a guided tour of the AERA Memorial Museum, carabao-drawn cart rides, lunch at the Labasin Waterfalls and use of outdoor facilities like the river rafting and swimming pools.  Since we went there on a weekday and just before the Holy Week break there were only a few people in the resort.  We were able to enjoy all the amenities and rest for awhile.

Cold gulaman as welcome drinks. Bongga lang ang init that day.

We took Ligaya's cart to the waterfalls restaurant.  Hot topic my Tito asked the driver is if Chiz owns the resort.  (Yes, we asked the same thing to our tour guide!)  Everybody in the caravan laughed.  Our driver patiently answered that the Escudero clan who owns the resort is with Spanish origin different to Senator Chiz's.  Siguro he's asked the same question a lot kaya ready ang answer nya.  Winner!

Ligaya ang itawag mo sa akin. "Ligaya" is the name of the carabao

Villa Escudero has a lot of  carefully crafted statues by their in-house artisans depicting local traditions and rural folk lifestyle distributed throughout the resort.   This picture below is particularly cute noh?!
"Ligawan" aka. Lover's Lane.

We had a lovely lunch at the Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant.  Read more of that here:  Buffet by the Waterfalls.

Love this picture of Momushky! :)

Magtampisaw Tayo!

After lunch, we strolled around the resort and checked the other amenities.

Hello Magellan! This is the new Convention Hall where they hold the cultural shows on weekends

The convention hall has probably a 1000 seating capacity and overlooks the Labasin Lake

The resort hosts different species of flowers and trees.  At the back are cabins and rooms for stay-in guests.

To hide from the sun, we hanged out at Café Indigo. 

Café Indigo

We particularly enjoyed the killer view of the lake at the Cafe's veranda

That's my brother and cousin at the side, proof yan that I took the scenic photos on my first post! ;-)

That's me & my brother on the bamboo raft.  Todo arm-power ito!
That's my Dad & Mom :)

... and also had our cold drinks while enjoying the view.  They offer halo-halo and other snacks but I wasn't able to try it since the resort allowed us to bring in some chips. 

Cold Coke in can w/ a view (Php 40)
At mid-afternoon, we took a dip in the pool.  There are 4 different pools available for guests and a Jacuzzi.  The swim was a refreshing break from the heat.
Pool w/ small slides
Mini lap pool w/ view of the lake
After our outdoor activities, we were driven by Mahinhin back to the main lobby near the museum.  We were serenaded with familiar local songs like Paruparong Bukid on our way back. We all joined in the singing, ang kyoot!
Our serenaders :)
For the last part of the tour, we visited the AERA Memorial Museum aka the Pink Museum.  I actually enjoyed the collections but most specially our tour guide. He's super funny!  Too bad I didn't get his name. 
Part of the vast Escudero collection exhibited in the resort
Rarely I find myself off the desk or out of the house these days but when the travel bug bites, I'm off with the family! 
Villa Escudero Day Tour Rates
  • Mondays to Thursday Adults : P1,250
    Half rate : P625 (Children below 4 feet)
  • Fridays to Sundays & Holidays Adults : P1,400
    Half rate : P700 (Children below 4 feet)
Cultural Show is at 2:00 - 3:15pm on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays.  According to our guide, representatives of the Escudero Family gives a short talk before the show. 

Villa Escudero Location

Villa Escudero Resort and Plantation is in between Pablo City in Laguna and the towns of Tiaong, and Dolores in Quezon province.  It is about 2 hours from Manila.  The entrance to the resort is located just a few feet from the Laguna/Quezon boundary arch.

For more info, visit

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  1. I also thought Senator Chiz's family owns the Villa Escudero, so hinde pala. The Pink Museum looks like a Church. Ang ganda ng kulay, my favorite :)

    Mommy Maye2

    1. the museum is actually a replica of a long-gone church in Intramuros :)

  2. I wonder why the museum is pink. That's an interesting place to visit and it seems I remember people talking about eating with their feet in the water. :-)

    1. Aww, good question! I failed to ask our tour guide about that or I wasn't listening.. Yup, we ate at the Labasin Restaurant too. :)

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