Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Dream of Choco

Rainy days makes me long for Mary Grace's thick & creamy hot chocolate drink.  Just the thought of it now, gives me a warm comfort, something like snuggling with my husband under the bed sheets while listening to the wind & rain drops outside (ang drama!).

Mary Grace Cafe is one the places in the metro where you immediately feel right at home.  The personalized decor, sweet notes on the desk, and red bricked walls contribute to this homey ambiance.

The Cafe has a variety of chocolate drinks to choose from besides its best seller, Mary Grace Hot Chocolate, they have Valencia Hot Chocolate (w/ orange cream); Mint Hot Chocolate; Tsoknut Chocolate (local tsokolate & tsoknut); Mexicana Tsokolate (spiked with cinnamon & chili); Traditional Tsokolate; and White Hot Chocolate w/ crushed cashew.  

Mar Grace Hot Chocolate (Php92 each)

These hot choco drinks are best paired with Mary Grace's famous Ensaymada (Php73 each) or Mary Grace Cheese Rolls (Php43 each).  When warmed, the melted cheese and soft bread are simply divine!  For complete Mary Grace Cafe Menu, click here.

Mary Grace Cheese Roll (Php 43 each)
What's your favorite drink on rainy days? 

Ohhthat! by Tin

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  1. Sarap naman ng hot chocolate! Nakaka-gutom tuloy. I somehow wish may Mary Grace Cafe dito sa Cebu. We're missing out on a lot of culinary delights from that place.

  2. ooohhhh... i miss rainy nights and hot choco. The hot choco looks so yummy. i hope i could get to taste one of it. and the ensaymada! i have been craving for that like weeks already. nice post.

  3. I want some hot coco now! :)) hmmmmm.. i looks really delish..

  4. Wow I'd love to try this sis. :3 perfect for the rainy weather! :D Interesting yung Valencia. I bet it will taste something like the blocks of local chocolate Dad used to bring home to me when I was little. :3

  5. @Rose: Cebu has plenty of chocolate cafes like Tablea Chocolate Cafe. As in, dinadayo pa namin ang crinkles non! :D

    @Postcard Trail & Aby: Go! Give in to your cravings.. hehehe :)

    @Janine: sis, parang alam ko yang chocolate na yan.. mmm, i'll hunt that in the grocery next time. :)

  6. naku, miss ko na tuloy ang ensaymada! naalala ko ang goldilocks, muhlach's and of course Mary Grace. miss ko na din cheese rolls nila!

  7. Wow Hot choco. We're drinking this especially now that it's Ramadan.

  8. coffee... i already tried almost all the available brands in the market.

  9. I love choco too. I bought cocoa powder and make my own choco drink at home too.
    -daddy allan (visit from BC blogger)


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