Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Bucket of Sun, Beach, & Surf on a Rainy Day

Sunrise Buckets.  Live. Love. Laugh.

Chicken again?  After the emergence of chicken restaurants in Manila from Mang Inasal & Manang's Chicken to foreign concepts like Chicken Charlies & Bonchon, I thought I've had enough Gallus domesticus this year already.   As in, quota na ako!

It took my brother some convincing before I gave in to his dinner invitation in Sunrise Buckets, one of the new chicken restaurants in town.  He's been raving about it for months now, and have successfully enticed my parents to go there on Father's Day.  This time, with all of my siblings including my visiting sister from Cebu, I gave in, not wanting to miss a bonding moment with them. 

Sunrise Buckets Greenhills

We initially made a quick trip to their The Grove branch, but after seeing the line & lack of parking space, we went straight to San Juan.  Yes, mega road trip lang naman.  The trip was actually fun, we also spotted a drive-thru Mercury Drugstore along the way - which is so cool!  I hope they have more of that soon.  Anyway, going back to the chicken at hand... x_X

Family Bonding Moment

Sunrise Buckets is hip young place with art deco and beach/ surf theme all around.  When we came in, the place is packed, both indoor & outdoor seats, with students & young crowd.  

Surf Paradise

We ordered the classic favorites: buffalo wings, root beer float, and nachos.  The menu selection from type of chicken, sauce flavor, & dips is actually quite overwhelming so I  left that part to my brother.  (Sunrise Buckets Menu)

Buffalo Chicken Wings

First reaction: "Disposable gloves!!!  Finally, somebody thought of it!" Lol.  Our chicken is coated with mild spicy buffalo sauce (a vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce w/ butter).  I must say, it's really tasty.  H & I agree that it reminds us of Flaming Wings, which we find equally superb.     
Nachos & Dips
Root Beer Float

The nachos & dips are so-so, the dips are a bit of a let-down.  The root beer, on the other hand, is quite fun to order since we mixed the ice cream & root beer ourselves. Wala lang, mababaw lang :D

All in all, we enjoyed our trip to Sunrise Buckets.  I can't wait for our next family bonding moment.

Ohhthat! by Tin

Sunrise Buckets Operating Hours

Madison Square, Madison Street corner Ortigas Avenue,
North Greenhills, San Juan
Reservations 4-777-636

The Grove by Rockwell, C5, Libis, Pasig City
(across Tiendesitas & SM Hypermart)
Reservations 0917-5949044 

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  1. That chicken looks mouthwatering.

  2. Bakit nga panay chicken ang lumalabas na restaurants ngayon and most often than not, same style lang din: crispy fried dipped in sauce. Sunrise Buckets looks like a nice place to go to with friends.

  3. looks really yummy!!! na curious ako!!

  4. Nadadaanan ko yan and I've been curious, but never tried. Parang gusto pumunta ngayon na. Thanks for the post!

  5. The buffalo wings are good! Enjoy your visits :)

  6. I've only been to Sunrise Buckets once, and it was before I started blogging pa. *sigh* Now you're making me crave!

  7. Suddenly, I feel hungry. This is a must try.

  8. Oh yeah, its the gloves that caught my attention, hahahaha! The chicken looks yummy and saucy. Hopefully we can try there someday...too far from where I live. ;)

  9. yummy chicken wings and rootbeer! :D

  10. TRUE! bawat sulok ng mall at kanto may chicken resto :D we can't blame them mahilig yata kasi ang mga tao sa manok :D pero ako sawa na hehehe

  11. Goodness! Naglalaway na ako...Chicken love buckets...

  12. I guess I will be one of the many people who will forever love chicken though I take it everyday. It is one ingredient that can be cooked in various ways and the taste is always splendid!


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