Tuesday, June 14, 2011

uncracking the TOPS mystery

My friend and I did a little experiment last week with Flat Tops and Curly Tops.  Interesting diba?  Haven't you ever wondered the difference between the two???  (hehehe... the truth is, I just wanted to buy chocolates in the grocery in spite of my colds.  I used the experiment to get loads of sweet stuffs! lol!)

Anyway, here are some of our findings :

1.   made by Ricoa:  Both are manufactured by Ricoa, a local chocolate manufacturer in the Philippines, been in ops since I can remember.   Another fav product is their ricoa cocoa powder, we use that for baking and also for my ina’s special champorado...mmm parang bagay for this rainy weather)

2.   price & packaging:  Price and packaging sizes are similar as we scanned through the grocery.  Packaging design almost looks identical.  Familiarity with the products' colors (which I assume, people my age are well aware of since we all grew up with these chocos) help you distinguish which is which. 

3.   brands:  Named as such because of their tops! (i assume)  Flat Tops have flat top surface, while Curly Tops (from the box) have curly ridges because of its "cupcake-like" cover.  Those we bought look very similar though because of the packaging. (sana they retained the curls pa din)

4.   look, taste, texture:  aside from the flat and curly tops, the two differ slightly in their colors.  Curly Tops have darker/ richer brown color than Flat tops.  Based on their packaging, both are milk chocolates.  The two taste the same but varies in their texture.  Flat Tops is a bit dry & crumbly, while Curly Tops has rich & smooth consistency.

So what’s our verdict?  2 hands for Curly Tops for its distinct smooth texture and rich chocolate taste! J(but Hubby’s sticking with Flat Tops daw… )

my accomplice: mae :-)


  1. ang teknikal naman master. :)

    at saka ang cute ng accomplice mo ah. apir!

  2. Congrats tin!! ganyan na pala nakalagay ung curly tops? :)


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