Saturday, June 18, 2011

ketchup pls!

(i've been meaning to write about this - if i had a blog a month ago!)

My hubby and i went gaga when we learned that mcdo switched to heinz ketchup from, i think, delmonte ketchup.  (as in, super happy infront of the cashier!) Don't get me wrong, nothing bad with the old one especially we've been used to it for sooo long. 

Verdict:  Took me about 1 helping of mcdo fries to get used with the combination (mcdo fries+heinz), while instant adjustment naman with the burger!

Absolutely love it! :-)

sorry for the blurred photo - used my phone kasi


  1. i love heinz too! you should have joined us sa clinique partyy!:))

  2. I love McDo ketchup too! Yah tin, next time.. join us sa events!!! :)


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