Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top 5 Picks "Guiltless Office Snacks"

(late posting)  It's an hour before lunch and my tummy's grumbling.  I don't want to ruin lunch and upset my "recently resumed" diet so I munch on some low-calorie snacks to keep my tummy quiet.  J

Here are my top guiltless office nibbles that I keep in my stash

1.      Nuts. Nuts. Nuts. 
HAPPY:  All time fav of our team :-)

2.      Raisins. 
Great for digestion + some sugar for my sweet tooth

3.      Oats/ cereal drink.
I go for Nutri-go's chocolate cereal drink (who says I can't have chocos?)

4.      Yogurt. 
They say its acquired taste, but I’d like to think yogurts are actually substitutes for ice creams. 
All time fav, Nestle fruit yogurt.

my 3 favorite fruit flavors :-)

5.      Coffee. 
Depends on the weather, I either have it hot/ iced cold. 
Nestle Brown 'N Cream 3in1 (YAMMY! lol)

Best of all, these also serve as emergency food for prolonged meetings; stress-relievers; or even  pampagising!  Have a great day :-)


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