Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pamper Me Time: Nail-A-Holics Gateway Mall

Late date?  Magpaganda na lang muna tayo.  

My husband and I made an agreement not to stress ourselves while waiting for each other especially when we're about to have a date.  We made the pack after a big fight when I made him wait for more than 2 hours.   I know it was bad.  Gutom na gutom ang mahal ko, kaya ayun riot!   I made suyo and bawi naman after.  Give and take.  Minsan sya ang bumibinggo, minsan ako. Hahaha.  

So you'll be late for your date?  Or you're the one waiting?  Eto tips.

Communicate. Text/ email/ call early to inform your date about your situation. Some things cannot be avoided but future things can be prevented.  Since I'm the makulit type and I know myself when it comes to wasted time, I call my husband about an hour before his shift ends to check on his status.  This way I can manage my time and perhaps do a little shopping in between (charged to him). 

Adjust.  Give room for flexibility.  If things are just not lining up according to plan, then change it!  Our date night is every Monday.  It's sacred to us.  But since its a work day, we schedule for example a movie / dinner date perhaps 9 or 10 pm to give room for the other person to travel and etc.  If one of us is running late, we make use of the time we have rather than brewing inisSayang ang date!  After a couple of hiccups, we eventually learned (and still learning) to let go of the plan or make some adjustments.

Kaya naman, last Monday nagpaspa ako.  Actually, it was a timely excuse to try the new nail salon in Gateway Mall (4F new wing).

Loving my clean & simple polish.  Perfect shade for everyday donya peg.

Take advantage of Nail-A-Holics's 10% opening discount

After my manicure and chikachika with the staffs, an hour or so passed and my date arrived without me minding the time.  I got my "me time", beauty and refreshed, so when it's time for our date ayun 100% na ako.  Ohh, diba?
Keep the positive attitude today & command your day good.


Ps.  I hear the Morocco Argan Oil a.k.a. wonder oil is sold cheaper at Nail-a-holics than in Rustans.  I was able to try it.  Ok nga!  One drop, softy na ang hair and hands though I'm not sure if my super sensitive face will like it.  Anyway, will try to save up for it. ;-)

Pss.  For a complete list of Nail-a-holics Nail Salon & Spa services and store locations, visit their website at

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  1. yay! the interior looks so relaxing!

  2. cool! thanks for the tips on this, it really makes me mad when someone gets late in dates like this, but your totally right, i should use the time for me time.. ^_^

  3. wow wow wow! I want to try their nail service too.. :D I rarely have my nails pampered at the salon kase I'd usually do it on my own lang :D

  4. I love how you see things positively! Thank you for sharing this. We ought to emulate you Tin! Being flexible could really help a person adjust to unforeseen events without the stress! Perfect! Kudos to you and your husband! Keep the love going!

  5. Nice tips! I remember the time when I waited for boyfriend, for 9 hours! We'll actually because I went with him during his employment exam somewhere in rockwell and we never thought it will last the whole day lang 9am-6pm -__________-

    I've been to Nailaholics once, it was a birthday gift from my friend, 500 worth of pampering GC. :D I'm satisfied with their service and nice ambiance of the place too.


  6. I've been going to nailaholics at sm fairview almost everyweek I am just comfy there

  7. Thanks for the advice on the being late thingy. Yes, it really causes away and stress. Haha :) Never tried Nailaholics yet though, will visit soon!


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