Monday, July 29, 2013

Boosters for Monday | Free Downloadable Pins

I had some pretty rough days last week but over all, it ended amazingly well through God's grace.  Indeed, His grace is enough for us! If you're following me on instagram (@ohhthatbytin), I posted some booster pins I made through pic-collage.  Feel free to download & share.

Have a great week ahead!


And ohh, look!  My cut orchids from two weeks ago are still vibrant.  See some of my tips on how to care for cut flowers (here).  I also did a DIY statement frame for my office desk.  If you want to get the "Grace" image, visit Pinterest/ohhthatbytin.

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  1. lovely photos! it can really be printed and framed it. grate idea

  2. Lovely. I also like putting together pin-worthy quotes I made.

  3. Very nice! :) Produce some more, sis. ha ha

  4. wow..will post this on instagram and fb. nice one sis.

  5. I love your Monday booster sis, sometimes i just need some:)

    Anyway, visiting from BC Blogger's

    I have a new site sis

  6. Begin with the end in mind. I love that! thanks!


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