Monday, July 15, 2013

Power Breakfast On-the-Go | NESTLÉ ACTI-V Review

Most of the time, I have to be creative with breakfast.  It is now a must in our family.  And like most homemakers, preparing a healthy meal is a decisive effort we make everyday.  As in effort ito!

And part of that healthy meal is adequate fiber intake to clean our system.  Because to tell you frankly, I often need help in that area.  The uncomfortable, bloated, and heavy feeling of constipation sometimes gets the best of me.  Urgh!  It's ugly.  It hampers my daily routine and productivity - especially on a Monday! 

Common causes of constipation are inadequate water intake; disruptive regular diet or routine (in common words -  drastic on & off diet); S-T-R-E-S-S; resisting the urge to have a bowel movement (a.k.a. pampipigil); overuse of laxatives or stool softeners, which, over time, may weaken the bowel muscles; and inadequate fiber in the diet.  Guilty?

If you experience infrequent bowel movements, swollen abdomen or bloating, and pain in the abdominal area, ay umamin na!  

Because admittance gives way to solutions.

And here are quick and easy solutions you can try to help ease our tummy worries:
1. Try drinking two to four EXTRA glasses of water from the required daily intake 
2. Take warm liquids, especially in the morning
3. Avoid erratic changes in diet - do it gradually
4. Manage your "stressors" / stress contributors by initially identifying them
5, Make time on the "throne" and develop it as a habit
6. Go with the natural and practical solutions
7. Add fiber to your daily diet.

High-fiber sources are from bannana, apple, raisins, nuts,  oats, multi-grain cereals, rice, whole wheat pasta; and ohh, did I mention - chocolates?!  But if you are always on-the-go, like me, I need daily fiber intake that will not require extensive prep time like peeling or cutting.  And we don't want to hamper our pagpapasexy with extra chocolate or pasta for that ounce of fiber intake, right? So I tested the NESTLÉ ACTI-V for a week after the Nestle Go-Lounge event we attended.  

My initial take with NESTLÉ ACTI-V is it's thicker than Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt.  It's sweet, creamy, and with real strawberry bits.  In short, masarap!  I easily finished my cup in a jiff.  

My first cup (or 2) on Day 1, though, gave me an odd stomach cramps and gas due to sudden increase in fiber intake.  Some people experience this, so it is advised to change our diet gradually and increase fluids to reduce discomfort.  After a week, I've observed that one cup is not enough for me.   Two cups of NESTLÉ ACTI-V supplemented with increase water intake do the trick for me.  Ohh, I can assure you, it's a good feeling after.

NESTLÉ ACTI-V is the only yogurt that contains fiber. The active fibers in ACTI-V called ACTIFIBRAS is not just good for digestion but also scientifically proven to help regulate bowel movement.  
Always keep some NESTLÉ ACTI-V chilled so you can also enjoy it as a dessert!

Each cup of NESTLÉ ACTI-V strawberry-flavored yogurt contains 5 grams of fiber—the same amount of fiber as one full bowl of salad greens!

I hope they come out with more flavors and improve the packaging.  Be careful not to drop it, the aluminum lid can easily pop open - I experienced it twice, sayang yung yogurt.  Retail price at Ph26 (ave est.) depending on the grocery.

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Good morning!

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  1. Wow! this looks yummy!!! <3 :) ma try ko nga to some time ;)

  2. love nestle activ lalo na for me na nagpapakafit and healthy haha :D


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