Friday, July 5, 2013

Cheese Load Spaghetti (drama in the kitchen)

My husband took over the kitchen the other night.  Ohh, it was a riot.

He's been wanting to replicate his officemate's cheese macaroni so he insisted on cooking it even if we don't have all the right ingredients.   Spaghetti instead of mac.  Flour instead of corn starch...  

But the drama didn't start there.  

He asked me to do the PASTA because he admittedly doesn't have a clue how to do it.  I said yes of course.  And being a maasikaso wife, I also volunteered to prepare his ingredients. 
Me:  Hon, may onions?  May garlic?

H:  Yes hon.  Paki hiwa na din yung red bell pepper.  

Me:  Suuuure.  (Then, I boastfully showed him my recently acquired skill of chopping peppers from Chef Ramsay)  Look Hun oh, no more mess with the seeds. 
When he started cooking the sauce, I can't help myself to give "suggestions" on how he should do it.
Me:  No, it should be like this... put this first... make sure to mix it like this...blablabla.  
Then, he started giving me the face and complained,
H:  Ang hirap magluto ng ganito.

Me:  Now you know how I feel... 
Pak. Ang init bigla sa kusina so I walked out to cool off.

Wait, di pwede ito.  I know I have a point because he's literally just planning to mix all the ingredients in the pot.  Pero di sasarap ang niluluto kapagmainit ang ulo!!! So I resolved to calm down (ala Maya lang naman ito) and go back to him.  Hindi din kasi ako makatiis.  So after making suyo, I asked him why he made me chop all the ingredients if he's not going to use it.  He explained that he's only going to do the cheese.  Mmm ok, I still don't get it.  
Me:  Hon, what does (your) cheese mac looks like?

H:  It's red and has cheese on top (pointing to the sauce pan he's doing)
Boom!  Now I know the problem. All the while I thought he only wants me to cook the pasta noodles and he will make the "white" sauce w/ loads of cheese.  Haiz.  A classic example of  "communication gap" that could have been prevented or cause unthinkable damages. 

Our cheese load spaghetti w/ crispy real-bacon bits

Good thing we made up early in the process and our spaghetti didn't suffer.   We  even "baked" it afterwards in the oven toaster to improve the consistency and taste of the topping.  OHH-MY-G ang sarap nya!  Not bad for H's first try.

Kaya nga the general rule is there can only be one chef in the kitchen and everyone else say -  yes, chef!  But in our house of course, there is also the Queen of the Kitchen.  And I say, maglilinis pa tayo pagkatapos nito Hun.

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  1. i like this post! you sure are the queen of the kitchen! ^_^

  2. I love that the hubby cooked. Bihira yan sa lalake ha? at least umi-effort si honey...


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