Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Strip Hollywood Steakhouse at Shangri-la Plaza

The new wing of Edsa Shangri-La Plaza is fast becoming popular food joint with its selection of new food concepts and restaurants.  

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The Strip: Hollywood Steakhouse is one of the first restaurants in the new wing.  The interior is very nice and projecting a fine dining atmosphere.  My officemates and I went mall hoping early June and on our way back to the office, we decided to check out this restaurant.  The place was nearly empty when we came in but the lunch crowd started to build up after about half an hour past 12.

We were served with complimentary bread and seasoned butter while waiting for our order.  Our server was very gracious and smart.  And up until this point, I have high expectations with The Strips to deliver. 

To add with the excitement in our food trip, it was also my first time to "strip", disclose about my blog to my officemates - who are actually some the bosses in the office.  And since the secret is out, di na ako na-shy to take pictures of our food kahit na nakatakong or suit pa kami!  Some of them gave a small laugh while I was doing it pero umamin din na ganon din daw mga anak nila.  So I guess being the youngest (so far) in our team has its perks.  Lol.  They even encouraged me with it and allowed me to snap a photo of their food before they dig in.  Wait, wait, wait - pipicturan pa yan.  Looking back, I should have told them about the blog long time ago since we are constantly out for a food-experience/ food-meeting naman.  But I guess, I wasn't ready then.

Anyway, the salad I ordered was surprisingly good.  Golly, I forgot the names already so just bare with me and  savor the photos instead.  It has a sweet and tangy dressing with candied walnut and apricot. The chicken strips on the other hand was served hot, which felt odd with the cold mesclun.  I prefer cold salads through and through even the plate like Cyma.

Shangri-La Mall

Since we came the week after Father's day (now the details of that day is starting to come back), most of the specialties are not available.   We just contended ourselves with what's left. Shrimp salad with vinaigrette. Beef strip. Pan fried fish with bacon wrapped asparagus. Shrimp Ratatouille. Gourmet burger with fries.  Not bad actually, though it was a bit frustrating not getting your first or second choices.

Shangri-la, Mall

Shangri-La Mall

The presentation was excellent but for some reason the kitchen was very slow that day.  And they even messed up with some of our orders.  The fish was too salty when we specifically mentioned no salt. The fries was served cold. They also forgot the other order of burger even when we followed it up more than twice.  So to be honest, the taste and over all experience was really disappointing.

Ohh well.  Good thing I was with good company. 

We laughed our frustration out, but they made sure I write about it.  Hahaha, may ganon?

So I guess, a more fitting title for this post would be Stripped At The Strip, don't you think?


Shangri-la Plaza Mall
5F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, East Wing, Shaw Bldvd cor EDSA Wack Wack, Mandaluyong

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  1. Wow ang sarap ng mga pagkain! My officemates do not know that I blog too, big secret yun hehehe... and I don't want them to know. hehehe

  2. Shangri-La Plaza is usually not that crowded, well compared to other malls. That's what I like about the place. Looks like fine dining nga, sans the good service. Thanks for the review. At least I know I won't be dining there unless someone treats me there lol!

  3. I haven't been to Shangrila for a long time. Siguro dami na bagong restaurants. I'm definitely going to try this steakhouse.


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