Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cake Pops for Christmas

One of my favorite mommy-foodie blogger, Peachy of, is thinking of Cake Pops for Christmas this morning.  It's such a splendid project for the upcoming season, don't you think?  Ohh, it got me thinking of my own Christmas project as well!   I can't wait to see Peachy's creations. 

Anyway, just to share some Christmas Cake Pops ideas I gathered from the net which I find really cute and relatively easy to do... 

Ohh, Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree by Bakerella

White Christmas Tree by Bakerella

Or better yet, a whole tree made of Cake Pops?

Don't forget the ornaments for some sparkles!

Red & White Swirls from

Red & Green Sparkles from

And for my wildcard, 

Jack Skellington Cake Pops
Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas Cake Pops


Angry Birds Christmas Edition? (photo from

Haiz, I wish Santa (ehem) will give me a new stove this Christmas so I can start baking my own sweets too...

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  1. I like that Christmas Tree and Christmas present idea... hmnnn.. I'm still thinking what I will do..

  2. @peachy: give it time.. It'll come to you. I'm sure it'll be special and as always- to drool for! :)

  3. I love the cake pop selections you posted Tin! I've been obsessing over them as well, my nephew had it for his birthday this year and it was such a hit with the kids. You should try checking out kara's party ideas, you'll love it! Cheers! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  4. The Christmas presents are so cute! Thanks for sharing your finds!

  5. It's brilliant. Thanks for the idea. This is for you

  6. Thanks for sharing my cake ball tree! :) Just found your blog through a search!
    Sarah @ Miss CandiQuik


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