Thursday, November 10, 2011

Say it with Chalk Ink Markers

While getting a fix of Roasted Chicken Pesto & Shiitake Mushroom Sandwich at Starbucks today, I spotted these cool markers at the counter - Chalk Ink Markers!  The Barista said they use these for their chalkboard art & announcements in and outside the store, unfortunately she doesn't know where to buy it.  I wonder if our local bookstores have these... help?

Chalk Ink are non toxic markers.  It works on any non-porous surface and are easy to wash off with water.  Unlike the old conventional dusty chalk, they don’t smear and blend well with its array of colors.  

Stoney Brooke Counter by Anitra

The markers can be purchased solo (starting at $4.99) or in packs of 4, 5, 6 and 8 at  

They also have waterproof markers for outdoor use or humid environment.   It cleanses off using amonia based cleaner also available in the online store.  

Ohh, I think this can be a nice Christmas gift for somebody I know... ;-)

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  1. Thanks to this post , now I know what to hoard in t he US :)

  2. @dailyfashionista: aww,how thoughtful.. An 8-packed primary colors set is ok na for me. Heheh..

    @david: yupyup! :-)

  3. I love stumbling on blogs with answers to my deepest, most burning questions! I've always wondered how they create those gorgeous chalkboards! THANK YOU!!!!


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