Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ho! Ho! Ho! Shake Up the Happiness

Araneta Center's Giant Christmas Tree being prep for the ceremonial lighting

Ho! Ho! Ho! Shake Up the Happiness as Araneta Center lights the 100ft Giant Christmas Tree today - marking the start of the Christmas Season in this part of metropolis.  

Inspired by the Rockefeller Center's Giant Christmas Tree in New York, the Araneta Center Annual Giant Christmas Tree Lighting started in 1981.  Since then, Araneta Center's Giant Christmas tree become one of the most popular Christmas icon in Metro Manila. 

Thousands of lights including the Christmas decor on the street lamps are simultaneously lit signifying the beginning of the "Pasko" - Christmas festivities in the Center.  Festivities include the Belen Lighting at Farmers Market;  the Parade of Lights; and the much anticipated, Disney On Ice starting December 25.  

Ohh! Did you know that the leaves, now artificial pine needles, were once made of green drinking straws?  ;-)

So excited to shake up the happiness this Christmas! Also in my Christmas list, watch three-time Grammy Awards winner - Train, perform live at the SMART Araneta Coliseum on December 7. (All together, sing! "...come y'all, it's Christmas time!")

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