Friday, November 18, 2011

Ready to say MooLatte at Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen Philippines, the home of the upside down Blizzard ice cream,  offers a full range of ice cream based products including this yummy Moolatte!

Mar and I bumped into Erryl Ramos of Phil. Pizza Inc. while we're in DQ Katipunan, and we got a free treat of MooLatte each!  Ohh such luck, right?  It's our first time to try it and we love it instantly!

Caramel flavor for Mar & Mocha MooLatte for Me!

DQ's MooLatte is a creamy coffee milk shake,  distinctly described as a frozen blended coffee with DQ Soft Serve topped with a generous helping of whipped cream.  This coffee-based desert is available in 6 flavors: Mocha, Vanilla, Double Fudge, Caramel, and Cappucino.  A single serving once in awhile won't hurt, right?

Thank you Erryl and DQ Katipunan!  Till our next visit. :)

For more info on DQ Philippines, visit www.

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  1. I've actually tried moolatte before and I would say I absolutely love it! ayan nag crave na tuloy ako haha! great post!

  2. mmmmm! That looks delish Tin! :D

  3. Oh I love Dairy Queen specialy Macha Green Tea. Nice blog :) just dropping by. Hope you visit mine too :)

    Glenn of Gencified

  4. Havent tried this yet... meron pala sila nito... akala ko puro ice cream lng LOL. THanks for the review


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