Thursday, June 20, 2013

CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins for Champions

What to do when the kids are on hunger strike?

I was recently invited to a round table discussion on the health and wellness of Filipino children together hosted by Chemical Company of Malaysia International Philippines, the distributor of CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins.  It was held at Cerchio, Tomas Morato and Dra. Lourdes B. Escobar, Obstetrician -Gynecolgist in Delos Santos Medical Center led the discussion.   She gave a candid yet informative presentation on children's eating habit and its impact on their health before the Q&A.

Dra. Lourdes opened the talk with a startling fact that even if we train the child what to eat, when they start to go out, they will soon start to develop their own taste (& preferences).  A parent can only do this ("forced" proper feeding) to their child up to 2 years of age, before they start complaining... and (eventually) start their hunger strikes.   When it happen, obviously the child will receive inadequate vitamins and minerals required for proper development - even if they appear healthy.  So this is where multivitamin supplements, like CHAMPS, come in.  It is safe for children as long as it does not exceed the recommended daily allowance for any vitamins and minerals.  Same statement is true even for adults!  So doubling those multivitamins without doctor's prescription is a big NO-NO.

She advised the group on taking multivitamins, such as necessity of proper evaluation by pediatrician (and not just celebrity endorsers!) and proper time of taking it, which is AFTER MEALS for best absorption.

Similar with adults, good presentation and taste are a must to retain a child's appetite.  This line of thinking was followed in the formulation of CHAMPS Chewable Vitamins - it comes in fun shapes that tastes & smells like candy!  It has 4 variants formulated to meet specific needs for the Pediatric age group (2-12years old)

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CHAMPS, Multivitamins, CHEWABLE, DIETARY, children
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Champs Chewable Vitamins is distributed by CCM International Philippines, Inc., the local arm of  Chemical Company of Malaysia (CCM).    Similar with the Unilab,  CCM is the largest generic company in Malaysia and advocates on providing effective medications at affordable prices. Consult your doctor about it.

Ohh, boy.  Just thinking of preparing a decent proper meal a day for me and my husband is already time consuming - how much more with 3 meals a day, 365 days a year in between the other duties I need to attend to when our children arrive?  I have to brace myself for Motherhood and get ready for it.  Little fact as meal prep for the family can be quite a challenge alright.


P.s.  A big cyber thank you to Roxi and Ms. Alina Ileda of CCM International Philippines. for inviting me.  I truly appreciate it. :)

Photo Sources: Photo 1, CCM International Philippines
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  1. Aaww, sayang I wasn't able to make it to this event.

    1. Sayang, I would love to meet you soon! :)

  2. Ohh.. these vitamins are so cute! I particularly like the pink hearts. I think my daughter would love to try them!! :D


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