Monday, June 10, 2013

Father's Day List : A Top 5 To Do's For Grown Up Kids

Planning Father's Day is much more cuter (and easier) when there are little kids around.  But since I'm already married and my siblings are all grown-up, art & crafts are out of the picture for now until may be when his apo arrives.

So for married children and/ grown up kids, such as myself, here are my top five (5) ideas for our Dads on Father's Day.   Feel free to add or comment on the list below.

For the stylish - mapormang Papa

5.  Shop His Favorite.  If you have the budget, now is one of the best time to splurge for Dad.  Know his favorite brand, collection or hobby.  You can shop for his favorite perfume; replace his worn-out wallet, watch or phone;  give him a new pogi-shirt (Dad's favorite is Lacoste) or even a fishing rod (minsan may phase sila na ito ang hilig)!   Particularly one that he has been meaning to buy but considers not too/ defers doing it  because of budget constraints or other priorities would make an awesome gift.   Please, no more "Best Dad in the world" mug this year.   

4.  Have him try something new.  Not because he's Dad, doesn't mean he's done it all.  Have him try something new like getting a tattoo!  Haha, just kidding.  May be give him passes to a shooting range, or tickets to Broadway theater show or concert; eat in a fancy gourmet restaurant, or enroll him in a class of his interest.   You can also do something new together like a family trip to some place you have never been before.  Let him experience the biggest ferris wheel in the country in Tagaytay or zip line in Puerto Princesa.  Basta, anything new.

3.  Do something together.  To be honest, finding a common free-time within the family is getting harder and harder now a days.  Father's Day is a perfect excuse to drop everything and head home early for Dad, don't you think?  A nice barbecue dinner w/ booze at home and Magic Sing is one of my Dad's favorite family time (or is it my mom? lol).  Grill food is the easiest to fix instead of a full meal, then there's always pizza delivery for fall back.

2.  "Chill" is the key word.  Since it's his day, let Dad enjoy some time for himself naman.  Give him some space in the morning for a time-out and let him start it as he please.  Pace the activities you planned as he desires it, after all it's not about you - it's all about Dad!

1.  Spend Time w/ Dad.  I can't stress it enough.  Make Dad's day count.  On my end, we didn't really grow up with our Dad around especially on Father's Day due to his work.   But since he's retired now,  I'm beginning to enjoy the perks of having a Dad by my side.  Ang sarap din pala ng feeling na may pwede kang tumawag for help once in awhile or even just for a chat...No amount of money can equate to a quality time spent together.

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  1. Aww.. this reminds me to finish my draft on Father's Day gift ideas. Lapit na!! Super!! :)

  2. love all the lists but since my husband is already adventurous and my dad as well maybe a simple dinner somewhere would be nice

  3. Great ideas, Tin! My Dad is in Canada right now, and boy do I miss him!

  4. I honestly don't have plans yet for Father's Day, but I hope eating out with the family is already sufficient. After all, it's not everyday that we get to bond as a whole family ^^


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