Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chillax Beer Night at Home

Toasted Pizza & Beer Battered Onion Rings

I put together a no-fuss meal to pair with the ice cold beer for our chillax (chill & reLax) night.  Best to stay dry and comfy at home in this rainy weather, don't you think?

It really was no-fuss.  If I take out my attempts of a decent food styling, I could have probably prepared this meal in less than 30mins!

5 Onions (preferably big white ones)
1/3 cup Flour
2 Eggs
Bread Crumbs
1/2 can Beer

Easy Steps:
1.  Mix the eggs, flour & beer in a bowl.  In a separate plate, mix the bread crumbs with some salt & pepper for taste.

2.  Cut the onions as desired.  I skipped this part & used McCain pre-cut onion rings I bought in MAFBEX.  Funny thing, I only realized the onions are already breaded after I made the batter.  Nonetheless, I still used it to save time.  

3.  Dip the cut onion rings into the batter, then roll it over the bread crumbs. 

4. Deep fry until bread crumbs are golden brown.  Make sure the oil is really hot.  To make sure, try dropping one onion gently.  If it makes the "ssSSS" sound, you're good to go!

5.  Remove the onions from the pan and put in a strainer to allow excess oil to sip out.  For large batch, best to have a deep fry strainer which you can use while frying as well.  

I spared myself this time in preparing the ingredients.  As recommended by my husband, we bought Jimini Whole Pizza & pop it in the toaster. Yehey!

Jimini Whole Pizza Chicago Style

Can you believe it?  I accidentally burned the first batch!  Hahaha!  But all in all, I'd say, the toasted pizza was actually not bad.  I should keep a box or 2 in fridge for nights like this. ;)

I really like chillax nights.  Less time in the kitchen means more bonding time with my family!

Hope you all had a great week.  July is here!


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  1. Looks yummy! I'll try it one of this days.. :)


Thank you for sharing your "Ohh, that!" thought/s. :)