Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life Journal Entry: Keep on

"...keep on loving others as long as life lasts - Heb 6:11"
Last night, our cell leader (and coincidentally my mother-in-law) challenged us to mature in our faith and have deeper understanding of our calling.  

We are "meant for better things, things that come with salvation," more than knowing and believing what Christ has done for us on the cross but to experience its fullness and the power of the grace of God.  Like what Jesus said, "...those who believe in Him will do greater things than this" (Jn 14:12). Only that, we keep on "faithfully" loving God & loving others to the end.

Inspired by Patsy of Heartworks , I'll start posting my life journal entries from now on.  This way, not only can I keep track of my quiet time daily but I get to share the highlights of it to you. Then perhaps, inspire & encourage you as well. 

♡ Tin

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