Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DWF Goes Veggie Hunting

PIPINO: Vegetarian Food by PINO

Dining with Friends goes veggie hunting.  We've been having meat, meat, and more meat in the last few weeks & getting a bit tired of office food, so my office mate slash food-buddy and I decided to do a little food trip in one of the top green spots in QC, Pipino.

Pipino Restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of PINO Resto & Bar, which is noticeably visible from the street with its white stone facade.  The space is quite small that can seat approx. 32 people but radiates a fresh young feel with its huge picture windows, semi - red bricked & white walls.  It is accentuated with giant chalk boards & huge landscaped cork board for the menu listing & community announcements respectively.  

"Welcome to PIPINO Vegetarian Food by Pino.  Where HEALTHY meets DELICIOUS! All our dishes are Plant-based and do not contain any animals or animal by-products.  Vegan"

At lunch time (when we visited), there were only a handful of customers from neighboring schools & offices.  I was told the place is usually packed in the afternoon which extends to dinner crowd.

Now for our orders, for starters my friend recommended the Taro Chips w/ Soy/Vinegar dip.

Tar Chips w/ dip (Php100)

Amazingly, nakaka-busog siya! The whole bag of Taro Chips can be quite filling.  I wonder if I'll loose weight if I do a Taro diet?  

For the main entree, I selected a restaurant specialty & popular dish - Veggie Kare Kare (Veggie stew w/ peanut sauce).  It is served with organic brown rice mixed with their own concoction of vegan bagoong (ala shrimp paste but made of black beans & soy sauce instead).

Pipino Vegan Kare-Kare (Php165)

Presentation & taste-wise, it's a bit overwhelming.  Serving size is good for sharing (approx. 1.5 to 2 servings).  If you're looking for the bagoong rice, like I did, it's actually underneath the Vegan Kare-kare.  In short, it is sort of a rice-topping.  The peanut sauce is a little sweet, different from what I am accustomed to, which somehow overpowered the bagoong rice's expected "saltiness". I'm making a mental note of requesting to separate the bagoong rice & kare-kare next time. All in all, it's ok.

My friend ordered Portabello Inasal served with red beet puree, ensaladang talong & brown rice.

Pipino Portabello Inasal  (Php260)

Serving size is good for one person.  I like the presentation, it simply shows that they are putting extra value to their product.  A downside though, we anxiously waited for the "inasal" flavor to kick in & found it several bites away from finishing the whole plate.  May be they can also think of adding some more mushrooms as well, a piece or two would be great. Medo bitin.

All in all, we still found our vegan experience a good break.  The Mac'n Cheese & Vegan Lasagna call for another visit too! 

Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant
39 Malingap St., Teachers Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Delivery: Tel No. 212-1-2-212  &
Open DAILY from 11am to 2mn


Few simple clicks only. Entries must be in until the end of June.

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  1. Taro Chips! Sounds interesting. I'd love to try the vegan kare-kare. I only eat the veggies in kare-kare anyway. I don't like tuwalya.

  2. oh my...this looks good. the presentation looks like you ordered it from an expensive hotel.

  3. I love taro chips. Have been following Alessa's blog (she's the owner of Pipino) for a while now but haven't tried the resto yet.

  4. Oh my! This is what I need... vegie food! Mouth-watering treats, and healthy!

  5. I'm planning to visit Pipino really soon...

  6. suddenly had cravings for kare-kare, im fine with just veggies...

  7. like to taste that taro chips, looks delicious...what's the dip?
    makadaan nga sa resto na yan, lapit lang kami eh...

  8. I love kare-kare. It is one of my fave Filipino dishes and I didn't know that this can be cooked without the pork :)

  9. Ive been hearing a lot of good things about this place. I hope they branch out here in Cebu so we can try.


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