Friday, June 15, 2012

One Rainy Day Bunker

Army Navy, Fort Bonifacio

Unpredictable weather these days.  Daig pa ako sa bilis ng pagpalit ng isip!

Last week or so, on our way home from work, H & I were already contemplating of ordering pizza (again) or simply have soup at home 'coz of the sudden rain pour.  But since my husband knows I've been craving for Army Navy for the longest time, we braved the rain and decided to eat out  for dinner.  (Isn't he adorable?)

Anyway, here are our usual orders even if the weather keeps changing its mind.  Ang paborito ng bayan!

Army Navy, Libertea, Ice Tea, Freedom Fries, French Fries
Classic Pair: Army Navy's Libertea Ice Tea & Freedom Fries

Best Ice Tea, Libertea, Army Navy
One of the best iced tea in town, Libertea "Freshly Brewed"

QUErida Mia: Open- Faced Quesadilla

QUErida Mia good for sharing.  Don't be fooled with the size, nakakabusog siya!

Quarter-pound Classic Burger in Kaiser Bun  (i don't like my picture)

Aren't these comfort foods or what?

Stay dry! 

♥ Tin

Few simple clicks only. Entries must be in until the end of June. 

Song playing in my mind while doing this,  Hot 'n Cold Katy Perry. Lol
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  1. Makes me want to try everything! I'll bug my hubby to eat there one day. I've been hearing raves about the burgers.

  2. tried Army Navy just once and I liked it. Want to go back some time.

  3. Agree! Freedom Fries and Libertea, classic pair/combo! My BF and I order it every time, plus a Burrito and Quesadillas!

  4. love their burger & fries! the cheese quesadilla i last had was good too.


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