Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Red Hot Oven Crack Pie


Not yet hooked? Well, I am! Part reason why I asked my Sibs to set up Dad's Father's Day party at home is this incredibly addicting pie.

I first encountered Red Hot Oven's Crack Pies at Yummy Eats 2012.  Since I can't order a 9" pie just for me & my husband, I thought of Father's Day as an excuse to order one.  And besides, it's more fun to share the sweet treat with the rest of the family.

Classic 9" Crack Pie
Vanessa, the owner and baker of The Red Hot Oven, is so easy to transact with.  I placed my order and arranged the pick up via SMS.  No need for down payment.  The day before the pick up date, she sent me a SMS to confirm.  Then, she baked the pie upon confirmation.

See the packaging & note?  Sweet!

Vanessa's Crack Pie comes w/ Crack Powder (confectioner's sugar)

Sift/ sprinkle the confectioner's sugar before serving the pie.

Best served & eaten chilled :D

So, how did my family react after tasting Red Hot Oven Crack Pie? I think this dialogue can best describe the pie experience.

Dad:  "Uyy, gusto ko toh!"

Tito:  "Tastes familiar, like coconut." He paused for awhile, then blurted out,  "MACAROONS!"

Me:  "Leche Flan?" (Filipino custard)
Bro:  "No, YEMA!"

Tita:  "I n t e r e s t i n g..." (With her facial expression, I bet she's already contemplating how to replicate the pie!)

I was relieved that everybody gave a thumbs up on the dessert, especially my Dad. We finished the whole pie in no time.  So happy I can still keep my bragging right, my sweet treats never fail!


Can't wait to taste Vanessa's Crack Pie?
Call/ text her at 0917-8194700/ 0918-9624700
Facebook: The Red Hot Oven

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  1. Wow! That pie looks very delicious. I'm mouth watering right now.


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