Monday, June 11, 2012

Life Journal: Still in Plan A

The Road Less Taken

One of my favorite anecdotes, taken from The Twelve by Leslie B. Flynn. 

An old legend imagines Jesus arriving in heaven right after the Ascension welcomed by all the angels.  Then the Angel Gabriel asks Jesus, "You suffered much, dying for the sins of mankind.  Does everyone down on earth know it?"

"Oh, no,"  replied the Savior, "just a handful of folks in Jerusalem and Galilee know about it."

"Well, Master," continued Gabriel, "what is Your plan for everyone to know of Your great love?"

The Master replies, "I asked all My apostles to carry the message into all the world.  I told them to tell others, who will in turn tell others until the last person in the farthest corner has heard the story."

Gabriel's face clouds, for he spots a flaw in the plan.  "What if after awhile Peter forgets, and goes back to his fishing on Galilee, also James and John and Andrew.  Suppose Matthew returns to his tax booth in Capernaum, and all the others lose their zeal and just don't tell others.  What then?"

After  a pause comes the calm voice of the Lord Jesus, "Gabriel, I have no other plan."

The apostles, a bunch of ordinary "unqualified" group of young men, did their job.  In fact, they shook the world upside-down.  But the task of sharing the Good News to the farthest corner of the earth is not yet fulfilled.  Jesus' great commission still weigh heavily on us today, "As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” (John 20:21)
Happy Monday!


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  1. i am imagining my alma mater's graduation site based from your pic.

    thanks for a very inspiring story.


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