Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DWF: Mister Kabab's Lamb Cooked for Heaven

Mister Kabab, Sizzling plate, Lamb
Sizzling Lamb Chop (Php 215)

Mister Kabab serves a wide selection of Mediterranean meals at affordable prices.  Since its main restaurant at West Ave. is a couple of blocks away from our church, it's one of our favorite go-to for late-night meals after band practice or afternoon church service. 

Mister Kabab's West Ave. restaurant is open 24/7.  It has a spacious non-air conditioned dining hall  which is usually packed at night.  Parking can be tricky but since turn-over in the restaurant is quite fast, you'll probably find a spot in no time.

Shawarma, food, Mister Kebab
Shawarma Plate (Php90)

Shawarma Plate (no pita bread) and a cup of rice w/ butter used to be our staple order, until recently after H discovered Mister Kebab's Sizzling Lamb Chop. We are all hooked since then! 

Sizzling Lamb Chop (Php 215)

The fragrant smell of slightly burnt lamb fat and the tender lamb meat are something to experience.  H even tags it as "the offering for heaven (God)". Ohh dear, I hope we're not guilty of blasphemy here. Anyway, the sizzling plate is good for sharing served with a cup of rice (no butter) & gravy.  Some would prefer to eat the lamb chops w/out gravy, which I find equally good.  Our friends usually order additional grilled tomato (Php25) to pair with the meal & extra butter for the rice. And yes, the rice tastes better with butter!

Aside from the two, our other Mister Kabab favorites includes Keema w/ Eggplant (Php85) & Chicken Chelo Kabab (Php140).  For the adventurous tummy, the Yogurt shake (Php50) is ok to try.

MISTER KABAB is located at #31 West Ave., Quezon City.  Mister Kabab deserves an Ohhthat! mark, don't you think? :)


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