Monday, June 18, 2012

Party rock is in the house tonight! ♪ ♫ ♪

Amaretto Seven, anyone?

For Father's Day, my Dad went for a no frill - low key celebration.  Pizza & booze at home, plus Magic Sing!

Like Mother's Day, we celebrated Dad's day on Saturday night since I will be with my husband's family the next day.   When we arrived, Mom already had the videoke set up and singing her heart out.  Wala pang tama yan, take note.   As a very good ate, I left the last minute food arrangements with little sister & brother.   Tsktsktsk, as in super last minute talaga.  Thank God for my brother's girlfriend who thought of Shakey's Monster Deal!

Shakey's Monster Deal (Php 2,025 w/ tax & delivery charges)

My husband & I were skeptic at first when we heard they ordered Shakey's.   I know, we're a little biased.  We gave it a try still since it's Dad's day - we entertained only good vibes. ;)

Group meal excluding rice & that dish outside the box!  Ooops!

To our surprise, the Shakey's group meal pulled off quite well during the party.  In fairness, madami talaga sya!  It's more than enough for us.  

Anyway, here are some quick upclose photos I caught before the food disappeared.

Chick 'N Chips Pack
Thin Crust Pizza

Classic Red Sauce Pasta (barely mixed yet)

The potato mojos & fried chicken tasted delicious. The 2 thin crust pizzas, and even the 2 pasta dishes, Classic Red & Carbonara, tasted fine.  While we finished off the 2 rolls of garlic bread on almost an instant! We barely touched the 3 1.5 litters of Coke though, since everybody opted to have some wine or beer. Naks! 

I'm glad everybody enjoyed the night specially my Dad.  I was initially worried but we all pulled it through - just the way he likes it.

How was your Father's Day party?


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  1. Glad your Father's Day celebration turned well.. :) As for me, our family just ate out for a Sunday lunch. That's more than enough 'cause we don't usually go out as a family anymore. Anyway, belated Happy Father's Day to your dad and every dad in your household! :)

    PS: Namiss ko tuloy bigla ang Shakey's!

  2. Happy Fathers Day.Hi,I created a group for bloggers .if you want to join,go to group page and ASK TO JOIN .thanks

  3. As I look back, I can't remember we did celebrate father's day :C anyway happy for you :)

    Hope we can follow each other and have link exchange

  4. I can't remember if ever we celebrated Father's Day, and I don't why we don't celebrate it:( this post makes me feel envious, I should try to prepare something next year for my dad!

  5. @Sumi - nice to hear you had a good time with your family too. :D

    @tatess - thanks for the invite, will check it out :D

    @jhenz & zoan - well, we don't have to wait for next year to spend time with Dad, right? Go & make him feel special now! ;-)


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