Thursday, June 7, 2012

PASALUBONG PLEASE | Tablea Chocolate Cafe

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Bring Home A Box or 2  For Me

My brother is heading to Cebu this weekend for a post-graduation & pre-board review break.  Our family usually grabs every chance we have to hop on the plane to visit my sister there.  Well, that's the excuse we make... but really, we love Cebu!  Though the city is bustling with new developments already, the selection of beautiful beaches & local delicacies continually make the province a favorite haven for ManileƱos like us.

Come to me, baby!  I have yet to try most of these...

Tablea Chocolate Cafe Chocolate Collection

Aside from Lechon, another favorite pasalubong (take-home/ bring-home) from Cebu is Tablea Chocolate Cafe's Crinkles. It has a unique deep aroma and chocolate flavor contributed by the local tsokolate tablea (chocolate tablets) used.  It's simply divine!  

(If you check out my DWF: Zubuchon post,  the paper bag on the table is filled with Chocolate Crinkles, which barely made it to Manila, and a pack of Tablea Polvoron)

Funny, I used to think that my Ina's tsokolate tablea are only good for champorado (Filipino chocolate rice porridge) & hot chocolate drinks.  It's nice to witness our local cacao industry is getting much buzz and entering the main stream.  Ohh, have I told you I also dream of owning a cacao plantation and roast my own cocoa beans?  #dreambook.

Almost weekend now, how are you holding up?


For more information, visit or  The pictures are from their facebook account.  And yes, I hope they can have a branch here in Manila soon!

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  1. I love tablea... This is the first goody that I bought in Cebu.

  2. I haven't gone to Cebu. But I love to try their Tablea chocolates.


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