Monday, May 7, 2012

DWF: Zubuchon at Island Stay Hotel, Cebu

Zubuchon Store
Zubuchon dubbed as "Cebu's World Famous Lechon"

The best Lechon Baboy or "Roasted Pig" in the Philippines is found in Cebu.  So when I was in town a few weeks back, I grabbed the opportunity to visit one of the famous Lechon spots in the province - Zubuchon.

Being an avid follower of Market Manila, I've been drooling over his "world famous lechon" and try it hot from the grill.  From Mactan Airport, I easily spotted the bright white building w/ polka dots - the Island Stay Hotel where one of the outlets of Zubuchon is located.  With its convenient Iocation, I grabbed the chance to meet my sister in the restaurant the next day before I back to Manila.

Islandstay Hotel
Island Stay Hotel Lobby featuring Zubuchon Restaurant

Inside, the hotel and restaurant sponsored the same fresh white palette theme accentuated with bright colors.  Zubuchon is right in the lobby so you cannot miss it!

Table top & Placemats 

My sister and I ordered Zubuchon, ofcourse!  We requested the waiter for a smaller than usual portion - good for 2 people only and paired it with one of their best sellers, adobong kangkong topped w/ "chicharon" (deep fried porkskin).  I also ordered Kamias shake which has a refreshing combination of sweet and sour flavors.  Ohh, it was such a treat!

Zubuchon small
Zubuchon  1/4 kilo (Php 130)

Zubuchon Adobong Kangkong
Adobong Kangkong w/ Chicharon (Php80)

"Ma, we're going to eat lechon.. you want?" Heheh I love my sister! :)

Zubuchon Kamias Shake
Zubuchon's Favorite Kamias Shake - nakakakilig sa tamis & asim!

Before leaving the restaurant, I couldn't resist bringing home a big pack of chicharon Genius packaging! H & I ate it for more than 10 days, it was kept crispy because of the zip lock pack.  The chicharon is too salty if eaten as is but if you pair it with hot white rice - lagot ang diet!

Zubuchon Chicharon
Zubuchon Chicharon (Php 200)

So did Zubuchon matched our expectations?  Definitely! My sister and I are giving Zubuchon an Ohhthat! mark.

Mukha ba kaming twins? 

Islands Stay Hotel Lobby
M. L. Quezon Ave
Lapu-Lapu City
(near the turn off to the airport)

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  1. How yummy!!! I've always wanted to go to Cebu :p

    Forever Nineteen

  2. @chari- Go! We have alot of fond memories in that place. :-)


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