Friday, May 25, 2012

DWF: Just Surprise Me!

Sizzling Pepper Steak Glorietta 5

I had little expectations in this small crummy place.  Holding on to a faint memory of a good yakisoba sizzling I once tried here, I gave Sizzling Pepper Steak another try.  

Since it's not our date night, my husband and I didn't really plan to go out.  Still, we found ourselves in Glorietta 5  last Wednesday looking for a place to eat dinner.  The mall isn't exactly my ideal casual dining venue, there are limited selections and most of the restaurants have few (non-smoking) indoor seats.   

As a default, we were going for pizza but Sbarro is about to close when we reached the 3rd floor so we opted the one adjacent to it.    I tried to calm myself as I took my sit, slightly uncomfortable with the poor air conditioning and tight space.  We intentionally veered away from the outdoor (smoking) area since my husband is still recuperating.  Fortunately, the restaurant is empty.  

I ordered the yakisoba sizzling plate I had in mind but it's not in the menu any more.  Apparently, it was just a promo item.   At this point, I decided to STOP grumbling and put on a game face and ordered their new promo item - burger & fries. Just surprise me!

And they did!  The grilled hamburger topped with cheese, sauteed mushrooms & slaw in kaiser bun is a sure stunner.  The bread specifically gave the lasting impression, I never thought it'll be that good! 

Grab'em burger Sizzling Pepper Steak

I'm not sure until when they're offering "Grab'em burger" but I sure hope to get another bite of it soon.

Surprise, surprise!

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