Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY: Flower Lollipops for Mother's Day

Mother's Day at CRC Church ( Check out Sofi & her mom Jen of

Our little Mother's Day project in Children's Church yesterday was a sure hit.  The Flower Lollipops are so cute & easy to do. The children, particularly the girls, giddily made their gifts.  The Moms were so surprised and kilig when they received their special candy flowers since it's different from the usual Mother's Day card we normally do.

Here's how to make Flower Lollipops with Children ages 4 - 8 yrs old:

1.  Prepare all the materials such as colored papers, lollipops, balloon sticks, collored markers & crayons.  You may add other accessories like stickers & glitters depending on your allotted time and children's age group.

Basic materials: colored markers, colored papers, lollipops & balloon sticks (clockwise)

2. Using colored papers, cut some heart shapes that will act as the flower petals. Make sure that the heart size is proportionate with your balloon stick.  If you make it too big - the flower will sag but if it's too small - the kids will have a hard time decorating it.  

In our case, I folded the A4 construction papers into 4, then cut 2 hearts in each panel.  Then, I punched a hole in the bottom center of the heart to act as the lollipop holder.

Hearts as Petals.  Tip: Prepare this before hand to save time and especially when the children can't handle scissors yet.

3.  Distribute 3pcs of paper hearts per child, then let them creatively design & put their personalized greetings on it.

Make-your-own Design.  Tip:  Distribute the lollipops & balloon sticks after they finish this stage

4.  Insert a lollipop candy inside the punched hole.  Choose colorful lollipop wrappers that will complement the heart petals.

Lollipop Trick Step 1:  Group the hearts together before placing the lollipop instead of doing it one at a time.
Lollipop Trick Step 2:  Slowly open the flower by sliding one heart at a time to the side.

5.  Lastly,  tape the balloon stick to the lollipop stick to make our flower lollipop extra special.  We skipped this stage with the toddlers, since step #3 is already overwhelming for them.

Long stemmed flowers for the awe-effect. ;)

Now, for the final product:

Paper Flower Lollipop
Flower Lollipop w/ Happy Mother's Day greeting

I hope all of you had a good time with your Moms yesterday like we did.

Have a nice week everyone!


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  1. Oooh. Thanks! This will make a great prop for photo shoots.

  2. Oh this is a grrreat project! I'm so glad you visited so I could find you! I love visiting filipino bloggers. It's hard to find ones that are Christian and crafty- most of the ones I find are about fashion and make up. Nothing wrong with that, but I hate spending (!) on clothes and make up and shoes! Will follow you on bloglovin' Patsy from

  3. What a nifty project! Will do this with our church's kids as a late mother's day gift, hey its still May!
    Thanks a bunch for sharing!

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Thinking of my next diy project, any suggestions for Father's day? :)

  5. I remember when my kids were still small and were also attending Sunday school, we also look forward to special occasions like Mother's Day, Father's Day, or Christmas, because I know the teachers will have them prepare something special for the parents.

    Those are really cute flowers, thanks for the step-by-step instructions :-)


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