Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flaming Wings, still flaming hot!

 Flaming Wings in Kapitunan, Quezon City  is a haven for Katips' students.  
And even after all these years, binabalik-balikan pa din

It's H who introduced me to this 'lil red (now painted white) ala fast-food dining restaurant in front of Ateneo. Being a Katips' student, he has fond memories of this place - H & his college buddies initially went there daw because of the cute server his friend spotted, but it's the food (& sulit value) that hooked them to keep coming back.  (oh, really? lol)

FLAMING HOT Value Meals only for Php120

Now that my baby sis is in college, I'm impressed that she also knows Flaming Wings!  Us girls had lunch there recently with H as part of her bday treat. ;-).

Original Tenders w/ Blue Cheese Dip

Pink Lemonade for me & Red Ice Tea for my love ones ♥♥♥

Good food. Good place. Good price. Good word-of-mouth. 
Always beat the fad, right?


  1. Taft also has Flaming Wings! Very yummy :-)

  2. @Eunice: really? great! where exactly? Will recommend to friends.. ;-) tnx


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