Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HAPPY LEMON, happy everyday in Manila!

Chris Tiu's Happy Lemon is creating quite a buzz in Manila.   Para "in" tayo, here's a tip on how to drink your Happy Lemon drink with Rock Salt Cheese(RSC) - one of their best sellers:

My chic sis in law Laura sipping Cocoa w/ RSC (P100)

Happy Lemon drinks w/ RSC are best drunk straight up w/out straw (yes, correct yan!).  If you missed the server's instruction (like we did), drinking it from the cup allows you to taste the subtle fusion of the rock salt in cheese froth and tea in your mouth.

So which Happy Lemon RSC drink ROCKS?

It's the Cocoa for me! (anu pa ba nga ba?!).  The Coffee's too strong for late night drink, while Green Tea has the sampaguita-like smell which is said to be addicting (how true?  will know next time, it's their best seller daw.)

Big smile from my cousin  Sky,  she's one happy customer indeed!

Last Saturday's visit in Greenhills Promenade was a bit chaotic.  Seems like the Atenista Blue Eagles' fans flocked straight here after their big win. We also missed the HL red button that lights up when your order is ready (is this for select branches only?).

Umm, this is what we call a systematic disorder.

Anyway, hope to try the other drinks next time esp'l the Lemon Yakult! o_O

Sky & Sofi (Jen's 'lil princess) enjoying their Happy Lemon drinks

So what's your favorite Happy Lemon drink? (",)

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