Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fish To-Go by Chuck's Grub

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Chuck's Grub Fish & Chips

Hallelujah for fish!  With all these chicken feasting lately, I feel I'm going to blurt tiktilaok (coo-coo in English) anytime now.

Spotted Chuck's Grub Fish & Chips in Trinoma foodcourt few months back. 

Chuck's Grub Fish & Chips Menu Board

 They have a selection of fish-type to choose from.  I usually get Snapper for a firmer bite daw.  I honestly can't distinguish it.

Chuck's Grub Fish Cheat Sheet - Fish Facts

Food prep inside the stall looks clean & organized.  I tried soliciting from ate what brand of fish they are using, unfortunately there's no label on the containers.

See the crunchy beer battered crust? Nomnom.  Fancy of doing a quick one at home?  I'll post a simple recipe soon!

For my fish & chips, I like to pair it with garlic mayo for a little kick.  Chuck's Grub, derived from the name itself, has a cute to-go packaging but I personally prefer to have mine in a plate/ box for convenience.

Any interesting food court finds lately?

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