Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I've heard a lot about Gawad Kalinga for years now but never had a chance to participate in one until recently. This year, our GK project is nearing to completion. Almost 200 families of displaced calamity victims will have homes. We witnessed the change in their faces from despair to hope.   Ohh, I have no words to describe it.

This coming October marks the 10th year of Gawad Kalinga.  So many lives have been touched and changed of this initiative that started with a burden to improve the well-being of poor communities.  This year, GK will celebrate its anniversary by sharing with the rest of the world the stories that have helped define the work of the foundation. From the words of Jose Luis Oquinena, Executive Director of Gawad Kalinga, "for us who are already involved, these stories serve as inspiration to stay the course, but for the poor, these fulfill a promise made when we first started: Walang iwanan!"

One such story of this promise concretized is that of Mang Disco's, who found hope when he finally had a home address after many years of living in a cemetery.


1. Share the video post from Gawad Kalinga Official Page (Facebook) and GawadKalingaHQ (Twitter) on your corporate and personal social media accounts

2. Send email and SMS blasts to your corporate and personal networks, inviting them to view and share as well

3. Use hashtag #discohopes when you share/repost in your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and

4. Should somebody inquire about helping GK, please direct them to www.gk1world.com.

We believe that these stories have the power to inspire and involve many others into our work of nation-building.  With friends, volunteers, Kapitbahayan and partners like you, and with God's grace, we face the enormous work ahead of us with unyielding faith and courage. We will end poverty for 5 million families by 2024. - Jose Luis Oquinena, Gawad Kalinga Exec. Dir.

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