Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fifth Season Spa

I was invited by Ms Leah Dy, co-owner of Fifth Season Spa, to try their newly opened salon in Astoria Plaza, Ortigas.  Aside from providing spa solutions, Leah is also the brain (and beauty) behind Fruits In Bloom gift shop, which I am really fond of.   I finally personally met her during the Nestle Acti-V event last month where I was able to try their mobile spa.  I had a good experience during that event, that I couldn't miss this chance to get a full body massage from them.

Fifth Season Spa is designed as a mini oasis in the middle of a bustling city.  To be honest, coming from a neighboring business district, it was quite a trip going there due to traffic.  Ortigas peeps are so lucky!  The Fifth Season Spa offers a full range of spa services from body massages, facial care, body care, foot and nail care for all genders.

Upon entering the spa I was greeted by a friendly staff and met Leah for a quick tour and orientation before my session. Good thing nobody was there at that time, I was able to see all the rooms which are differently painted according to each season.  She ushered me to the hand ritual area, where they let me experience the Hand Ritual - a hand wash using cold water and aroma salt of my choice. Leah explained that before they start any treatment, all the guests are invited to do the hand ritual that initiates the relaxation process.

The rational behind the name.   

Fifth Season Spa offers 5 distinct rooms: Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Fifth Season,  painted in rich colors depicting each season to compliment the mood and spa treatments they offer.  According to Leah, the room interior is more of for diversity.  Something to keep the guests excited every visit.  A new experience perhaps on every visit.

I personally like the Spring Room for its fresh cool palette, but for this session I needed something homey and warm like the Autumn Room.   Although, I'm not sure why I ended up w/ Summer.  I think it's because of the red tulip/ poppy on the wall that made the tiny space a happy place for me.

The Winter Room is designed in blue hues imparting a calming and cooling effect.
The Autumn Room is done in shades of pale tones with touches of color marking the transition from summer to winter.
The most colorful room is the Summer Room as it stimulates and energizes.
The Spring Room, is fresh in colors of yellow and green, aptly themed for rejuvenation and renewal.

The premium room - Fifth Season, is designed especially for couples.   This room includes a tub and vanity counter for its guests.

My trial visit entails the Traditional Hilot and Appetizer Facial Treatment.

Before the massage, I took a quick shower to acclimatize my body and loosen up my muscles.  I appreciate that each room has a shower for privacy and comfort.  After I prepared myself for the massage, I rang the bell to call my therapist.  Yup, that's what the bell is for!  Ang cute noh?

The Hilot Massage is a 90-minute Filipino traditional massage using coconut oil. It is a deep tissue massage that corrects imbalances in the body. .  Unlike my usual experience with other spas, which starts on the feet working its way up, my therapist started on my back.  I couldn't contain my laugh when my therapist commented  - Ma'am, stressed po (kayo)?  Parang ang bigat ng daladala nyo - while working on my shoulders.  Hahaha ay, sinabi mo ate.  She then applied heated banana leaves to further loosen my back muscles, which is a new experience for me.  Ganon pala yun.  Para matunaw ang mga lamig-lamig, as we normally say.   The massage ended with some stretching, which I personally prefer to wake up my sleepy, I meant, "relaxed" muscles. 

After the massage, I had the Appetizer Facial - a 45-minute deep cleansing facial treatment for all skin types.  I was worried at first since I have super super dry and sensitive skin.  I honestly almost backed out.  Good thing I didn't.  The facial was OHH-MY-G glorious!  I haven't done any facial treatment for years so it was really quite an experience.  My therapist cleansed my face with cotton and toner, then applied the facial scrub gently on my face in small circular motion avoiding the eyes.  Then she rinsed it off with cotton and water, and applied the moisturizer in the same soft circular massage.  She finished off with a dry pat of tissue to remove the excess oil.  Imagine, all 3 steps in 45 minutes?!  Ohh my, I haven't done that to my face ever... lagi kasing nagmamadali.  Super pampered talaga face ko.

All Fifth Season Spa Face Therapy uses Swiss brand Pevonia Botanica products.  I noticed that the products have no scent, which is a good thing for me - no unnecessary chemical additive.  It did not give me a sting/itch after.  Best of all, the next day I noticed my blackheads seem to pop ready for extraction.  Hahaha.  

And ohh, that's not my face below but it will give you an idea what they did to me.  

After my session,  I was given a complimentary Bayani Brew drink from Gawad Kalinga which is part of Fifth Season Spa's advocacy. All guests are given a complimentary drink which may also be one of the reasons you would want to come back.  It's surprisingly good!

Thank you Ms Leah for the amazing afternoon. 

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  1. I love the intereior, very zen-like, where relaxation is imbibed and I would really like to know the price of that Hilot Massage. Thanks!

  2. I love this post, I'm scouting for a place to relax and this is the perfect place.
    Plus my workplace is just a stone throw away. Love your blog. I'm following you now hope you can follow back. Thanks!!

  3. Hi Tin! Thank you for mentioning Pevonia Botanica Philippines. We're glad that you enjoyed your appetizer facial! ♥

  4. Fifth Season Spa offers 5 distinct rooms for 5 seasons, that's cool. Thanks for your beautify post.

    W. Lowry
    Spa Gift


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